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  1. [Fixed] Ghost display on MSI R5770 Hawk in Lion

    axm: Thanks for the kext, working well as my mouse doesn't disappear into oblivion anymore. I'm also extremely curious as to what DSDT edits got this card working...I'm on a Intel DX58SO though but at least I'd know where to start.
  2. Mac Edition Card in PC?

    Bump...I was wondering the same, preferably a Mac Quadro
  3. Thanks for this, works great. I did not install any HDA kexts since I use an external interface but the dsdt and SpeedStep seem to be working properly because now I'm finally getting proper temps. Also I no longer had a need for IOACHIBlockStorage (orange icon fix) so the only kexts I am running now are fakesmc and AppleIntel8256X. All you Smackover people with headaches should def try this out.
  4. Ha, the guy wouldn't even do an interview for the Welcome To Macintosh documentary.
  5. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    My first attempt at installing iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 I used the included HD 3800 kexts and it left me with a bootable system with nothing but a black screen. Installing no video drivers and then these packages give me fast and reliable everything so thanks for all you've given us ATI losers. Someone needs to make these pkg files the de-facto standard for all releases.