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  1. Ok everyone, I have finally figured some things out and my system is up and running. Originally I was trying to set up my system as so: Sda1: testing blank partition Sda2: Windows 7 Sda3: OSX Sda4 - EXTENDED Sda5: Karmic Sda6: Swap Sda7: Storage for docs This setup worked great when I had Jaunty, but Karmic was giving me lots of trouble. After multiple installs and googling for hours, and thanks to some posts here, I quickly found out that Karmic does not like to be on an extended partition for some reason. So my thought process was simple. Swap OSX and the Karmic partitions. I did so, and I could never get OSX to boot off of the extended either. I am not sure why. However, since I hardly use the testing partition, I felt that it was in my best interest that I dump this and Keep it to three up front and swap and storage on the extended. So I reformated and installed karmic and Os X, and restored an image of windows 7 I had to the 3 primary partitions up front on my drive. During my Karmic install I made sure that I installed grub to that partition. The OSX install went normal as planned, and then I installed chameleon to that drive and the boot process works fine. Anyway, I hope this helps any of you that are running into the same issues that I have had. Thanks again for all of the help.
  2. After a few days of trying different attempts, I am still having trouble making chameleon see my karmic partition. I have installed efi 10.5, and replaced the boot file and I kernel panic. I'm not quite sure where to go from here. I'm sure there is a solution for the problem, but nothing seems to be working. Is there something in Karmic that I should be doing? Thanks again guys. matt
  3. Any word on a fix? I have always done my formatting as ext4 and never got mine to show up on chameleon (with karmic that is). Are you saying that you got chameleon to show it?
  4. Hey guys, thanks for all of your help. I did the previous method first (in which I installed the bootloader to the partition during boot time). After which it was my intention to see kabyl's test, however when I rebooted after the install, it booted, I saw chameleon, and all my other partitions, except for my karmic one. Any other suggestions? Thanks again everyone. Matt Ok quick update. I booted to my live USB and ran kabyl's code. It unfortunately came up just as you showed it! Anyway to fix all of this?
  5. Hey everyone, I have a quick problem. The problem is quick, but I do not know if the solution will be or not! I downloaded and did a fresh install of Karmic today and it works great. It gives me the option to boot to my Windows 7 install and my OS X 10.5.6 partition as well. However, when I had jaunty, I had chameleon as my boot loader and it worked great. But now chameleon does not see my karmic partition. First some background: sda1 - unpartitioned (testing partition) sda2 - Windows 7 sda3 - 10.5.6 XxX EXTENDED Partition sda5 - Karmic sda6 - swap sda7 - Documents partition (readable by all OS's for safe keeping of docs.) now my normal install order is Windows, OSX, Linux. Once that is complete, I run the following commands in order to get chameleon to work: 1.install chameleon/ darwin loader (installs new(est) version of loader on the disk) 2.boot back into linux 2.use gparted to make the OSX partiton active, unflag the linux partiton (darwin loader will be called now) 3.grub-install /dev/"linux-install-partition" (installs the grub loader to the linux partition) 5.boot back to OSX 6.fdisk -u -f /usr/standalone/i386/boot0 /dev/disk0 (replaces the previous mbr install of grub with the darwin loader) This process worked great when I had Jaunty with Grub legacy. But now grub2 has gone and messed everything up! Can anyone enlighten me as to how complete this? Step 3 really seems to be what I need to focus on, however when I do that, I get some errors telling me that I shouldn't do it, and then I re-boot, and I see chameleon, but chameleon does not see Karmic!!! Frustrating! Anyway, thanks again in advance for any help. Matt