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  1. When include <string>fsb=166</string> in com.apple.Boot.plist system becomes very slow. System runs normally without fsb=166 input, but itune got skipping sound problem. Any help appreciated. Thanks. My com.apple.Boot.plist: <dict> <ker>Kernel</key> <string>march_kernal</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>fsb=166</string> <string>cpus=1</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>8</string> <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict> </plist> Dualboot with Vista. My specs, Intel Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz, 2MB cache, 667 MHz FSB
  2. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Me got "slow systems and skipping sound", how to calculate my fsb? Intel Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz, 2MB cache, 667 MHz FSB Thanks,
  3. Good guide,detail and simple...thanks, it works.
  4. i would like to know which tv card/usb and webcam for ichat av works, plan to build one osx86 HTPC too.
  5. -are you using SATA HD ? - how u enable both build-in and a ATI Radeon X300 on your MB? Thanks.
  6. Very happy, total success.

    congratulation! i plan to upgrate to Asus P5LD2-VM MB too. -what patches you need for this MB? -when installed addition graphics card, need to disable on-board gma950 first? will mac's QE n CI still working with added graphics card? please advice.
  7. (Change your DVD Player) - works for me:angel: i've the same error message when installing 10.4.4, tryinig dvds after dvds -(i used a sony dvd player) now i've change to a pioneer player, and no stopping after what- so-ever.