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  1. 2 questions

    THANK YOU! okay i got hud mod installed now i just have to find out how to temp remove the shadow, Im trying to make a hud style of application windows to finsh my theme everything is transpernt black
  2. 2 questions

    47 views no answer! Please i know someone knows Im willing to make a theme to anyones specifications if you can help me please, Iv used photoshop for along time and know how to make good themes so please help me,
  3. 1st http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=33149 How did they get the black about this mac ? 2nd I have just customized my theme to black theme and made some black icons Now how do i remove the shadow from the menu bar Its horrible with my transpernt black menu bar Thanks to anyone who could help me out?
  4. Apple Red theme release

    Sorry for the double post but is it possible for the menu bar in black transparent to be a little more transparent?
  5. Apple Red theme release

    wow okay this works perfect im using this one i found from this thread its transpernt black with crome icon? it works fine but i have 2 problems when i goto turn of transparency and turn it on again ! it dissapears the transpernt black its just a darkish grey now a quick log out fixes it but still? and the other is :S why is my font on the menu bar so thick? compared to your screen shots it looks like i have it on bold,!