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  1. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hey matrix, im glad it works for you =) Greets, mushr00m
  2. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    In order to get rid of the mouse artifacts, you need an older ATINDRV.kext. I wrote a installation tutorial for the a8jp, didnt post it yet, but here is the graphics related part and a package of kernel extensions i use and the configuration files. Files: - Package AsusA8JPGraphicsPackage.zip - gfxutil Link Tutorial: Read path for graphics device: ./gfxutil -f display Insert path into x1700.plist <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)</key> Read EDID (via Windows tool for example) and insert into x1700 as base64 encoded string: <key>LVDS,EDID</key> <data> .. </data> Convert x1700.plist to hex string: ./gfxutil -i xml -o hex x1700.plist x1700.hex Insert content from x1700.hex into com.apple.Boot.plist: <key>device-properties</key> <string> .. </string> Backup ATISupport.kext, ATIRadeonX1000.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext to Desktop: (You actually remove the Extensions, not just copy. Also make sure that ATIinject/Natit is removed) sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/ATISupport.kext /Users/<username>/Desktop sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/ATIFramebuffer.kext /Users/<username>/Desktop sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext /Users/<username>/Desktop Copy ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATINDRV.kext to /S/L/E: sudo cp -R path/to/ATIRadeonX1000.kext /System/Library/Extensions sudo cp -R path/to/ATINDRV.kext /System/Library/Extensions Clean Kernel Extension Caches: sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/* Restart System and boot with flags: -v -f -- Please give it a try and tell if it works for you. Greets, mushr00m
  3. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hi Matrix_ekb, do you have mouse artifacts showing up? You could try using gfx strings inside com.apple.Boot.plist Link ATIinject didnt work for me when installing 10.6.0 on a Asus A8JP / Radeon x1700. Greets, mushr00m EDIT: Also please make sure you got the correct EDID for your display.
  4. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Take the one from this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&p=976870
  5. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    haris2887: try an old ATINDRV.kext, the newer ones gives you qe/ci but you have those glitches and mouse artifacts as far as i can remember. what os x version do you use? Greets, mushr00m
  6. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hi, does someone know what the ATI1600Controller.kext is good for? and why we dont need it? Greets, mushr00m
  7. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    floppah: i have the same problem (vertical stripes). cant say i really did a research on it, but imho its a race condition. if you are motivated, try out different ATINDRV.kext's and let me know if you have it fully working =) Greets, mushr00m.
  8. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    floppah: That is a good question. Pure Vanilla wouldnt work because of the Device ID, the PCI Device has on the hardware side. You could maybe emulate it (via DSDT?). Then you need a patched ATIRadeonX1000.kext, because this has *no* support for the X1700 (71D5). The patch replaces all 0xDE71 with 0xD571. This lets the kext handle the card as a 71DE card (X1600). This is in fact some kind of simulation Last you have the old ATINDRV.kext and the ATISupport.kext (new, in 10.6). I dont know what these do, but the Info.plist in ATISupport.kext is patched with the Device ID. I am using GFX Strings atm, so i dont have a ATIinject.kext. This works fine. One could do some research, but im happy it runs at least. It took me about 2 months to work it all out. Greets, mushr00m.
  9. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    floppa: Check the attached Info.plist and compare each setting with yours. It turned out that this setting is important for Asus A8JP Laptops: <key>@0,backlight-PWM-freq</key> <integer>210000</integer> righteye: Could you replace this Info.plist with the ones you collected (AsusA8JP ATIinject/info.plist) ? The one in the .zip file is an old one which didnt work for me. Greets, mushr00m. Info.plist.zip
  10. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hello floppah, check this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t126377.html Btw, i did just install 10.6 snow leopard retail on the a8jp, it runs fine so far. Going to write a guide for it soon =) Greets, mushr00m
  11. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    hi maclvr: i had the same problem, check my ATIinject Info.plist, the backlight-PWM-freq setting is important to get backlight, and for the drivers, i use dazza's ATINDRV, its the only one which works for me. The related posts are 1 or 2 sites past this one.
  12. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Nope, still no luck I wonder what this can be.
  13. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hi righteye, there ya go =) acpi_package_mushr00m.tar.gz
  14. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Yes, i tried it this afternoon, but no luck. When i'm in -v mode i see at the end: "All cpus halted - it's now safe to turn off your computer". Some ACPI issue?
  15. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    xess666: i got the same problem with shutdown, i have to hold the power button for like 3 seconds. and in 1 of 3 boots i have a black screen, not sure why this happens, but i think it has something todo in which order the kext's are loaded into the system. now i want to try out an efi string, so the information will be directly after booting in the ram. you said you tried efi strings, did you have any luck? EDIT: i attached my Info.plist i use with ATIinject, maybe it will help ya. EDIT2: attached also a ioreg dump from a macbook pro with an ati radeon x1600, where i got the pwm freq setting from, maybe there is another setting which will fix the issue. greets, mushr00m. Info.plist.zip ioreg.macbookpro.x1600.zip