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  1. Did you have to update your USB fix it are you using DSDT to fix it?
  2. Is there anything additional to what's in the guide that needs to be done for a clean High Sierra install (apart from ensuring the updated drivers for Nvidia cards if applicable)?
  3. If it is an issue with a Macbook as well then file a bug report with Apple and hopefully they will fix it in the next one or two updates.
  4. It's your USB drive self powered our does it have a separate power supply?
  5. Great guide and will be testing soon. Have you seen the "USB power property injection for Sierra" stuff that Rehabman has written about recently?
  6. Leppy's guide works great with Snow Leopard on a D430 although sleep does not appear to work. I would like to know about the 3G compatibility as well.
  7. Real British QWERTY

    http://www.gingerbeardman.com/UK.keylayout/ Although i find it also to swap the command and ctrl in system preferences as well afterwards but this is just personal preference.
  8. Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 webcam

    Yes it works in Leopard, i use it on Skype with it as the mic source and it gives a great pic
  9. are you sure you do not mean Vista is in 'standby'? as the man says s3 is a bios function and not supported on the ds3l
  10. Can i get a copy of the draft boot 123 method as well please? Have some time this weekend to mess about with the hack
  11. The Boot 123 guide you are making uses the USB stick / partition method, definitely a move in the right direction i think. Are you keeping an eye on the method that boots from a EFI partition (it is coming to Chameleon soon) as this looks to be the best retail install e.g. all hacks are kept seperate to the install and discs can be used on real macs and hacks?: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=127330 I hope you are because that method is looking great and combined with the guides you write......
  12. Does this mean it doesn't have issues when waking from sleep?
  13. Awsome guide yet again Weaksauce. Have a nice stable fast system but just a couple of things that might be worth putting in the guide/1st post (they have been mentioned in the thread but it is getting very long now and it seems not everyone is reading the whole thread). - If external USB (possibly firewire as well) drives are used they must be ejected before restart or you may get a kernel panic/hang - A link or guide to installing XP AHCI drivers (it seems a lot of people are not aware of the need for this)