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  1. Cheers. I'm out the the country for a few days but will try it when I get back, do you know if anything needs adding/removing for using the 530 IGPU only?
  2. Can you post your EFI folder please? I think I will try a clean install of the new OS next week when I get home as I have a graphics issue with the Intel integrated GPU ever since I upgraded Clover.
  3. If using the new APFS file system users will also need the correct file for that. Currently that file appears to need updating with point releases but does anyone know if the newer ones are backward compatible?
  4. Did you have to update your USB fix it are you using DSDT to fix it?
  5. Thanks, looks like I will make the jump then
  6. Is there anything additional to what's in the guide that needs to be done for a clean High Sierra install (apart from ensuring the updated drivers for Nvidia cards if applicable)?
  7. If it is an issue with a Macbook as well then file a bug report with Apple and hopefully they will fix it in the next one or two updates.
  8. It's your USB drive self powered our does it have a separate power supply?
  9. Great guide and will be testing soon. Have you seen the "USB power property injection for Sierra" stuff that Rehabman has written about recently?
  10. Cool, let me know if I can be any help testing it
  11. Ah okay, hopefully it will hit final soon :-)
  12. Is there still a plan to rewrite the guide based upon the recent new input?
  13. Maybe worth seeing if the issue affects users with single/dual displays to help narrow down the cause. Sorry I cannot help test myself as of yet.
  14. Cheers guys, already have the hardware built but this should make the install nice and easy-to-use it's been a while since building a new rig and this and the linked thread made my mind up lb the hardware, good to see things are still being refined. ?