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  1. OS X in VirtualBox with AMD Host

    I thought verbose mode was an OS X thing? Or is it something that can be enabled in VirtualBox itself?
  2. OS X in VirtualBox with AMD Host

    Glad to hear someone has done it. I'm having to take a break from trying for a day or two but I'll defiantly be trying out that EFI loader. I tried the LegacyBootCD.iso with the proper settings and several different ISO's (I have quiet a collection at this point) to no avail.
  3. OS X in VirtualBox with AMD Host

    Am I on the right track with things or did I screw up something specific? (Besides the obvious trying OS X on AMD thing)
  4. Alright. I've been working this problem most of today (wait, most of yesterday. Crud I'm up too late). I would like to install OS X as a virtual machine with Virtual Box. I've been using VB pretty extensively to try out Linux distros and I'm very happy with the program. I have a .dmg of the retail version of snow leopard. I also have a .iso of exactly the same file (converted via power iso). In addition I have an iso of Snow Leopard 10.6.2 SSE2.SSE3.INTEL.AMD which I downloaded after the retail copy failed. In virtualbox I've tried these various settings: OS: Mac OS X ()both versions) plus I've tried BSD/FreeBSD as the OS as some guides have suggested. Base memory set to 1024 MB (12GB on the host so theres plenty to go around) IP APIC and Absolute Pointing Device Enabled. EFI and Hardware Clock disabled. PAE/NX enabled in Processor tab. Acceleration enabled (Both VT-x/AMD-V and Nested Paging). Also enabled in host bios. Display with 64mb of memory, no acceleration. .vdi (hard drive) and any CD under an ICH6 IDE controller Everything else as default. I've also toggled various settings here and there, which doesnt seem to produce any progress. I've tried to boot [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] first, then load the ISO. All it does is hang at the apple boot screen. Empire EFI (pretty much all the versions) gives me a Memory Allocation error (0xdeadbeef, 0x0) I've been testing out different combination of boot loaders, ISO's and VirtualBox settings for most of the day and I haven't gotten anywhere. At one point I googled the Memory Allocation error and opened every site on googles first page, but most guides seem to slide over the error with ease by changing something simple. Needless to say when I change the same thing my error does not go away. Its been a long time since I've done anything with OS X (The last time I did anything Hackintosh wise was 2007 or so) so I'm not really 'up' on the current state of things. So, anyone have any advice? Anyone experienced similar issues? I'd appreciate any help and suggestions at this point I'm very stuck.
  5. Fixes for HFS+ partiton error

    I tried the fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 command and it seems to have worked, I can now choose weather to start up in Vista or OS X. Though Vista works, OS X wont boot, it haults at Unknown SIGSEGV Code 0 and hangs there.
  6. Excellent idea, well done. As soon as I get kalyway on my Alienware again I'll be updating all my hardware.
  7. Using Stacks

    I am a Vista user (sadly) but I love OS X and use it often. In vista, I use stardocks objectdock to organize my icons (just like the OS X dock). With objectdock, I use the stack docklet to help me keep everything organized. For example, I have stacks to my documents, pictures and videos. In addition, I have a folder (and subfolders) just for shortcuts and I then organize my programs. So if I want my media programs I click the stack and out pops iDump, Audacity, ETC shortcuts. This along with regular i cons for everyday programs helps me access everything very efficiantly. On OS X, though, I actually find the dock to be secondary in functionality to objectdock (at least at default). How can I customize stacks in OS X like I do with Objectdock? How do you use the dock to stay organized?
  8. kalyway problem

    I was about to say that.
  9. Is it worth buying Office 2008 for Excel?

    I would suggest getting open office, you can save things in the same file formats as microsoft word uses, making it a great alternative. and, its FREE!
  10. Vista really isn't all that bad

    As you can see from my signature, my computer is above the vista requirements. I rate 5.5 on the vista scale And yet, it lags. It freezes and it takes up 42% of my ram on startup (first time I booted, seriously). I get what your saying, and yea people cant expect vista to run on older machines. But it doesnt even run on newer machines! Even so, a company with good ethics would have designed their program to work on lesser computers (ie: stardock engineers their products so they will work on older computers). Granted, advancements require...well, advances. But vista has taken this too far. It does lots of cool things, but mac does cool things to and uses alot fewer reasources. If mac can do it, vista should be able to as well.
  11. Vista really isn't all that bad

    good point, agreed 100%
  12. Vista really isn't all that bad

    Windows is far better supported than OS X is. Beyond that, windows has gained the upper hand in the market and since OS X is so radically different most people wont switch simply because windows is familiar. Now, vista really sucks, and alto of people have been switching to mac. In fact, vista is what pushed me to join these forums. Apple is coming up though, and windows is on its way out (hopefully).
  13. Hang or Crash/Restart at Gray Apple Logo iATKOS

    The settings I changed were: ACPI APIC support enabled ACPI suspend mode [s3] or [s2] Configure SATA to AHCI With the SATA to AHCI change, you need to adjust vista to support ATA (if you are dual booting) As far as the settings I changed during install, I had to select legacy flag (since I have an AMD processor) and I de-selected the v anilla kernel. But thats different per whatever rig you are using. For more info you can see the thread on the issues I was having here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry897527 hope it helps
  14. Hang or Crash/Restart at Gray Apple Logo iATKOS

    I had a similar issue with kalyway 10.5.2 for AMD, I fixed it by re-installing and changing the kexts, patches and such that installed. Eventually I got it to boot and work just fine (minus small adjustments). I also double checked my bios settings. Hope this helps.
  15. Stuck on grey screen after install Kalyway

    After adjusting the bios settings and messing with various kernals at install I got os x to load just fine. Now I just need to update some drivers and such...but at least it boots now. THANKS! Also, anyone having that Grey screen get stuck, try messing around with the different options before install (diff kernels, kets, patches, ETC) and see if that can get you anywhere.