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  1. i have a 95k-vm mobo and it works fine with kalyway 10.5.2 but now i've updated it to ipc 10.5.6 after so many failed installations i got the succsess but there is still one problem my Marvell yukon 88E8056 lan port and firewire is not woking how can i make it work i've google it a lot but got nothing and i am a new b so plz give me a step by step discription plz thank you in advance
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    hey guys thanks for this u guys r so helpful ok i have some problem with my audio I've installed kallyway 10.5.2 on my computer:- MB:- P5K-VM Pro:- inter C2D E7200 Ram:- 2 GB HDD:- 1 160 GB Ide (my System Drive) 3 SATA drives so my problem is i have 5.1 speakers but i can't configure it to 5.1 in midi settings. i can hear sound in two speakers only.2nd problem is the sound coming in two speaker is breaking i mean when i play mp3 in itunes its perfect no breaking nothing but when i play some heavy files like avi, mpg, m2p sound got break at opening of the file and when i forward the file and some time it comes in whole file from beginning to end. i am trying the method mention at the 1st page of this topic but the problem is i can't find Taruga's ALC882 Sound Fix v0.4b if u guys have this patch plz upload it and give me the link i know that patch is somewhere in the link u've given but i am sorry i didn't find it and thanks in advance
  3. Guys plz help me

    i am new in this OSX86 thing so plz help me i've installed kalyway 10.5.2 into my system every thing was ok when installing but after install when i start my system at the starting of the OS an error comes u need to restart your COMPUTER HERE IS MY SYSTEM CONFIGURATION:- ASUS P5K-VM MOTHERBOARD INTEL C2D E7200 @2.53 GHZ 1 160 GB IDE & 1 160 GB SATA HARD DRIVE (INSTALLING IN IDE HARD DRIVE) 2 GB RAM I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM MAKING MISTAKE BUT PLZ HELP I'VE SOME QUSTIONS IN MY MIND TO IS TPM ENABLED MOTHERBOARD IS REQUIRED FOR THE INSTALLATION AND CAN I INSTALL KALYWAY IN A SATA HARD DRIVE