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  1. HP DV7-1020us Webcam

    I am running SL 10.6.3 now and have fixed USB support with A DSDT.aml file. The light beside the webcam activates and the camera dropdown for Photobooth shows "Logitech Camera", but I still only have a black display. The only thing different in system profiler is the current required (mA): which is now set at 500 since it has been recognized.
  2. I was able to get all of my USB ports recognized and working everytime with the DSDT file (thank you for sharing the code). I am however unable to get my built in webcam working. It is a Logitech. System Profiler shows the specs as: Product ID: 0x09b8 Vendor ID: 0x046d (Logitech Inc.) Version: 60.51 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Location ID: 0xfd500000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500 Does anybody have the same webcam working or just a different type, like Suyin or something?
  3. HP DV7-1020us Webcam

    I have seen how to go about editing the info.plist in the Sonix component but it doesn't seem the same for macam.
  4. HP DV7-1020us Webcam

    System Profiler shows: HP Webcam: Product ID: 0x09b8 Vendor ID: 0x046d (Logitech Inc.) Version: 60.51 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Location ID: 0xfd500000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): Unknown (Device has not been configured) I have not been able to get it going in any app. If anyone has dealt with this cam or if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Parallels 4.0

    If you use Pacifist to open the .dmg and install it through there, it will bypass that warning and allow the install to continue EDIT: I tried this with Parallels 5 and got to the point of installing an OS and it won't boot because of the lack of Hardware Virtualization.
  6. For the keyboard/trackpad fix I would recommend using a USB keyboard and mouse, deleting the kext file out of the extensions folder for the PS/2 Driver, and then installing it in again. I have had great success with that method. If you will open a terminal window and type: sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/ and input your password when prompted, then repeat with sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext. You can then use OSX Tools to install these kexts 1 2 (It's easier than typing a command line) or you can try using this package. For your audio, your laptop should have the SigmaTel sound card. The steps will be the same with the attached kext. It is AppleHDA.kext. Let me know if that gets you up and running. AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext.zip ApplePS2Controller.kext.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip
  7. Time Machine Graphics, seem to fail

    I have the same issue, the only (semi) solution I have found is to tap the power button and then "erase" the normal screen with the new window that pops up. After you get it cleared out of the way you can just hit cancel. Hopefully there is a better fix.
  8. I have an HP Pavilion dv9420us with an AMD Turion 64 processor. I used the iDeneb 10.5.4 installer. This is the first installer out of iAtkos, Leo4All, and Kalyway that I could get to go into the install. Every other one stopped at the system.apple.boot or whatever stuff. The install went through and appeared to be successful. But now it will not boot. I have tried putting the disk in and hitting F8 and then typing rd=disk1s3 ( I assume the first number would be my harddrive disk and the second the sector. The "template" was rd=disk0s1.) This just continues to display the apple logo and the spinner. I went into verbose mode and see that I first get the Firewire error, followed by "Still waiting for root device" Any help would be very much appreciated.