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  1. How do you create........

    save as png, gif and change filename to favicon.ico
  2. Dell 2405FPW

    Yep ... good choice.. i have one like that. Its easy to calibrate
  3. Digital photography work

    hi ... very good graphics clean job Im retoucher to , welcome "in da club"
  4. Final cut Pro 7 problem

    NP my english is doggy to and HI Yes is working "fine" . Now i try to work on fcs6.05 ( my legal copy ) i have lots of problem with some codecs apple pro res, xdcam codec files, when im place on timeline FC always crash . ;( to same is on After efects ( legal copy) and Qt ... animation codec working fine but eating hard drive space ;( my cheap PC: amd x2 6000, gigabite MS5S , 6 GB, gt9800 Gt 1 GB, ideneb 1.4 Motion Working fine Soundtrack Fine Livetype fine i have Mac pro dual core 2x 2,8 8 core and all "bad" files working fine ;(( maybe a problem is AMD chip . im looking cheap pc to render long video files .. maybe i'll try to check on intel processor..