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  1. It was clean install but with some corrections. I took DMG of preinstalled 11A511 (before user setup), booted from Iatkos s3 and restored image to disk. Lion partition was not bootable and i booted with Chameleon Rc5(760) CD and then installed Chameleon. Also I tried to install latest version of Chameleon (1005) but with that version my touchpad didn't worked. It was enough for my laptop to use video section in DSDT but I've heard that there's a working version of Natit. Didn't installed bluetooth kext (just don't use it) and still have to do something with sound.
  2. Installed Lion GM, used DSDT from SL. Sound doesn't works. Lan, graphics works
  3. Updated with Combo 10J868. Geekbench x64=4727
  4. Updated to 10.6.7 (10J858) with delta. Everything is ok. Geekbench x64 = 4480 I have a feeling that OS is raping my harddrive. I hear it works all the time Reverted to 850, HDD back to normal, Geekbench x64 = 4730
  5. Successfully updated to 10.6.7 DEV (10J850 Delta). Subjectively - faster.
  6. Succesfully updated to 10.6.6 with ComboUpdate. Needed to re-run terminal command to make current AppleHDA work. App Store works.
  7. Successfully updated to 10.6.5 with Delta update. Needed to remove AppleHDA (i use VoodooHDA 2.7.2) and to replace AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext to older one (caused KP). Didn't noticed any other issues.
  8. New 3700 BIOS on Dell website Version: A10 Changelog: 1.Update Intel VBIOS to V2056 2.Update Intel ME version 3.Update MRC to V1.4 support i3 CPU. 4.Enhance SSD Security function. link for 3700
  9. Hi, x69 Probably we have two different 3700's. Actually I have only 1 videocard. I took Chameleon package from here. For installing I used Iatkos S3 v.2 (I needed MBR install) with "busratio=17 cpuratio=17"
  10. Attached is zipped Extra folder I use on 3700 A09 and kexts I put in SLE Extra.zip sle.zip
  11. Works good. Boots up with no KP. Thank You
  12. Minihack, could you mod dsdt for 3700 Attached is dump from linux dump_a09.zip
  13. New BIOS for 3700 A09 1.Update PXE ROM for Novell Zenwork connection 2.Correct L2 Cache info at BIOS SETUP when Celeron CPU installed
  14. Attached is dump from Linux 3700 A08 07VWR8.rar
  15. Updated BIOS to A07 on 3700. Normally boots with no KP with older DSDT.