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  1. How would one go about using this guide to do a completely fresh install? I am having trouble after updating to 10.8.4 with very similar hardware (GTX 670) and can still boot using -x and enoch bootloader but if this guide helps get everything working much more quickly then trying to troubleshoot my problems (thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289944-1084-and-gtx-670/) Thanks for your help.
  2. 10.8.4 and GTX 670

    I am still unable to boot with the HD4000, the boot screen looks the same as before (I can post a picture if that will help). Booting with -v -x (and the HD4000) works but without graphics acceleration again.
  3. 10.8.4 and GTX 670

    Im using Enoch rev 2247. There is no sata.dylib in extras/modules just FileNVRAM.dylib. I haven't been able to boot with the HD4000 either but that is most likely a bios setting problem.
  4. 10.8.4 and GTX 670

    I dual boot OSX and windows 7 they are both on their own SSD. Graphics work when booting with-x but there is no acceleration. Launch pad is slow to load and the dock has visible artifacts when mousing over it. I will reboot now and edit this post with a picture of the screen.
  5. 10.8.4 and GTX 670

    I tried this and still hung at boot. I can boot with -v and post a log if you tell me where those logs are saved.
  6. 10.8.4 and GTX 670

    I am having trouble after updating to 10.8.4 from the combo updater. My computer was working great with full GFX acceleration (120 fps in Starcraft 2) while on 10.8.1. Upon upgrading to 10.8.4 I found myself unable to boot unless I was using -x at boot. I have a GA-z77x-ud5h and a 2gb GTX 670 by EVGA with a Core i7-3000K. Any help would be appreciated. I also can't get the myHack installer to boot after using the 10.8.4 App Store update to create the installer if this offers any clues. Thanks for the help.
  7. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    Here is a copy of IOreg I created today with everything working.iansmac.zip
  8. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    Thank you very much for editing the DSDT for me. It is booting with Gibba and working well with DVI. I am following the guide linked by TheLaughingMan to enable HDMI output as with the TV plugged in, the TV shows in Displays (in System Info) but it has no picture. I believe editing the Encoder hex value should be able to enable the output. Also messing around with the Transmitter ID to see if that has any effect. Edit: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=273937&view=findpost&p=1811740 was very helpful in getting HDMI enabled WITH Audio. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP! to others with this problem, follow Rampage Dev's guide to edit you DSDT then if you need your HDMI working read the OP of the linked post, then edit your profile with the Hex from the linked post.
  9. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    Was exporting my IOreg with IOregistryexplorer 3.0... seems like only v2.1 will do the job properly. Here is the corrected copy. Info.zip
  10. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    Info.zip contains a DSDT.aml and my .IOreg copy. Thanks to all for the assistance, it is greatly appriciated Info.zip
  11. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    I am booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes UseAtiRom=Yes AtiConfig=Gibba gives DVI1 working but HDMI not working. As my main monitor is HDMI with audio enabled in DSDT I believe I have to follow the guide TheLaughtingMan linked. Edit: The Bulrushes was working DVI1 and HDMI although the HDMI audio was no longer working. Still testing more framebuffers. Would I need to re-enable the DSDT HMDI audio edits to get that working again?
  12. Sapphire 6870 HD not shown in System Info

    @Ramapage Dev: GraphicsEnabler=No has always been how I was booting. @eep357: Those Kexts are loaded properly (both are listed in kextstat) @rockinron_1: I am running the main display via HDMI and Graphics Enabler = Yes with Duckweed caused HDMI to not have any output. @thelaughtingman: I will be trying this guide today I will report back with my results
  13. I have a system running 10.8.1, its running the following hardware: CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 rev2 Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 My problem stems from the graphics card not being fully detected or shown in the system info. In system info it reads as 6xxx AMD card. This is causing issues with Steam and Adobe products. Any ideas? I am running GraphicsEnalbler=No as it is not needed for my card to boot. Switching GraphicsEnabler=Yes causes the system to be unable to fully boot.
  14. Having similar issues. I have two partitions on my harddrive and rEFIt won't see the USB drive i restored SnowLeopard too. So I am unable to even test if things work. I am using the d945gclf (note the lack of a 2) board.
  15. The fan on this board is really hit or miss. If its too loud replace it with an aftermarket fan. Anyone try this board with Snow Leopard yet? I'm curious to see if the new update helps the speed on this board.