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  1. Is there any simple installation method for P8Z68-M Pro Board ? Tried different methods/boot CDs but nothing works, Please help, Thank you, Intel 3000 HD or Any Nvidia, 2600K Processor
  2. Perfect!, great!, working!, love you Only two problems, 1. Activity monitor now showing only 1 (Actually combined) CPU usage, is there any way show seperate 6/12 CPUs in Activity Monitor ? 2. Cannot run VMWare Fusion, kernel panic once i click on start Virtual Machine. Any idea??? Thank you once again. Regards, Arshad Bhatti
  3. Can you please give me your dsdt.aml and/or any other files specific to this motherboard+cpu (980X) installtion ? Thank you in Advance,
  4. Is 980X processor compatible with this installation? I don't have this board yet, but i can purchase if i can install Snow leopard with 980X processor on Asus P6T Deluxe V2. Currently I have Asus Rampage Extreme II + 980X. TIA, barshad
  5. Thank you for this good news, I tried Qoopz kernel but it gave me Kernel Panic which motherboard you are using? Can you please give me your dsdt.aml file? Once again thank you for good hopes. Regards, barshad
  6. I just sold my old processor (920) and purchased this 980X. After installation of Processor I suddenly came to know that i have no more Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Was perfect installation :'( on Asus Extreme Rampage II with 6GB RAM, SL was on SSD Can some body help? please???
  7. http://rapidshare.com/files/285591307/Ramp...SUS-Extreme.rar
  8. With major thanks to Pere/Mike for guidance with the DSDT preliminaries. What you need: BIOS version 1406 (attached in the file) Motherboard, CPU, Memory Working Windows installation on an separate HD (I use Windows Vista) with MacDrive (trial is sufficient for this guide) A blank SATA hard drive on JMicron internal SATA Controller (a separate from 6 ports) An SATA DVD-ROM Drive iATKOS v7 install disk A working DSDT.aml for the Asus Rampage II Extreme (included in zip achive). BIOS Settings: No BIOS modification is not needed. Plug your SATA devices into the JMicron not the ICH10 ones. Installation: 1. Boot the Installer disk. (Press F8 during POST to select the boot menu) Press F8 when it asks for Press any key Now type MACH_970 –v cpus=1 2. Before installing, run Disk Utility and format your blank HD, GUID partition scheme, MacOS Journaled filesystem. 3. Exit from Disk Utility (And now you are back to Installer). 4. Select the Drive you just formatted for installing Mac OS X Leopard. 5. Now select Customize, uncheck all options. Now select the following: iATKOS v7 Main System Chameleon v2 Extra Directory DSDT (This will not work correctly, and may not be necessary. We will insert the working DSDT later.) Apple Decrypt (or DSMOS. Both work, but choose only one.) APIC Driver Remove TyMCE AHCI Intel SATA/IDE JMicron SATA/IDE Following Network Drivers Following for Audio Driver Video drivers, if you are absolutely certain what works with your card. you can install these later. The Following works for my NVidia 9500 and 9800GTX+ DO NOT install OHR. It will kill your installation. Post Install Actions 6. Select "Continue" and install. If you try to boot your Mac OSX at this point it will crash. We still need to install the working DSDT.aml into the root directory on your Mac OS X partition. 7. Boot your Windows drive, in which MacDrive 8 has veen installed 8. Enable "View Hidden Files" and "View System Files" under Control Panel/Folder Options in Windows. 9. Browse to the root directory of your Mac OS X drive. 10. If there is a DSDT.aml already present in the root directory, delete it, then copy the one I provided (in the .rar file) to the root directory. 11. Reboot, this time booting the Mac OS X drive. The Chameleon 2 graphic screen will come up. If you press a key, it will allow you to type boot commands, so use -v the first time to see what is happening. If booting Mac OS X take too much time (about 5-8 minutes) try disabling you Intel SATA ports (Not JMicron). Mac OS X should start at this point. Do the initial setup, reboot, and enter Mac OS X. Networking should also work correctly with no work. 12. Install whatever video drivers you like, by whatever method. Remember that you are using a vanilla system now. 13. Enjoy your Mac OS X Inatallation, All cores, Sound Card, Network, VGA, USB, HDD working. Good luck! barshad Files you need : http://rapidshare.com/files/285591307/Ramp...SUS-Extreme.rar
  9. Can you please help me installing iDeneb 1.3 on P6T? What was your bios setting? how did you managed to install the ICH10R? What options have to selected in Customize during installation? I am trying to install leopard on my P6T for last 4-5 days, but no success yet. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Can some one point me to the right direction? Which Distro I should use? (the easy way) Settings to be set in BIOS? It will be best if there is an Tutorial for this specific motherboard I've tried both iDeneb_v1.3_10.5.5.iso and XxX_10.5.6_Leo_Install_Disc.iso but system reboots in very start. Please help me to Install OSx86 10.5.x on Intel DX58SO motherboard. Thank you very much in advance. Regards, Barshad
  11. Is it possible that can I install IDeneb v1.3 or any thing before that on RAID or on Single Drive with RAID enabled in BIOS? I did this before on my same system on single drive which was not the member of RAID but now this is not working, now it only works when i disable RAID in BIOS) and set to IDE mode. When RAID is enabled OSX installs successfully but when boots for first time it keep saying "still waiting for root device" if I disable the RAID it works absolutely fine. one more question How can I use my 280GTX? is there any patch available for 280GTX ? Can some one shed light on this. My system is Asus P5K, 4GB RAM, 4x500GB in RAID and 1x250GB for MAC, Thanks in advance. Regards,