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  1. Chameleon with DSDT override

    what is dsdt? a)DSDT is an acronym for Differentiated System Description Table. This table contains the Differentiated Definition Block, which supplies the information and configuration information about the base system. It is always inserted into the ACPI Namespace by the OS at boot time. Unfortunately, many hardware vendors and OEMs are not capable of supplying fully functional tables (not even the members of the ACPI SIG).So there is a need to patch these tables by us. nope i havent what is google
  2. Need help formatting WD passport hard drive

    is it possible to have ntfs and hfs partition together in guid formatted drive?
  3. will dfe bootloader support mbr formatted drive, i dont understand guid at all
  4. Chameleon with DSDT override

    what is dsdt?
  5. thank you for the quick reply bladerunner i will try the disk utility way
  6. suppose i did all the steps to make an iso of the dfe boot then i booted the dfe 132 bootloader, it then asks me to swap the cd in the drive, the next step would be to boot put my retail disc in the drive, is it possilble to boot from an image in an external drive at this stage if its possible do tell me how it can be done.. thank you well in advance much appreciated
  7. THANK YOU munky for the good post, i have tried to update 10.5.5 way too much times from a certain post and pre update patch intended for newbies and all and the thread starter only intends on insulting people there!!, anywho this looks very promising and i dont have to worry about updates no more too thank you very much.. much appreciated
  8. Thank You for the reply rd=diskXsY is working
  9. quick question my bios does not support usb boot and my extenal drive does not support firewire, if i install chameleon will i still be able to boot my clone whose destination is on my external usb drive?
  10. try update -v or ur kernels name at boot it should work (worked for me my bootup screen looks similar to yours when i first got 10.5.5 installed) EDIT : nope it wont work i see ur stuck the same place i am by the way where exactly was the customize button ? ps> how did u take the snap shot at boot ? EDIT 1: try searching for "10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" in the forum http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=78235&st=0 the above link is one of those i got using google if u dont get any results using insanelymac's search engine try google its far better
  11. How to restore kext when system fails to boot?

    what if u cant boot using single-user mode? should i compare my back up kexts with my kext folder and delete all the mismatched kext by terminal commands by booting with the install cd??????
  12. if i install dfe bootloader and leopard with a retail dvd will i have problems updating like in kalyway? i seen this problem when i first tried netkas method to install 10.5.5 but i really dont know what it is perhaps it may be due to the conflicting appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext i had the same problem i didnt have any options too did u get this patch from bike town ?
  13. if anyone knows kalyway please request him to make a combo update package for 10.5.5 (i have bricked my system way too much times trying all the other doors)
  14. Mysticus I installed exactly how u mentioned in ur first post but I didnt see a customization part in the post update patch everything was done automatically, i have got 10.5.5 working but i have to type "update -v" or the kernels name for eg:"voodoo_beta2" on bootup what can i do to make it boot without typing anything. Thank You for your help very much appreciated. EDIT: did everyone download the preupdate and postupdate patch from BIKE TOWN> UPDATE? EDIT1: i deleted appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext i reckoned it was the problem to why my hackintosh wasnt booting properly after i rebooted i saw my battery icon was missing. I installed a power management bundle package installer thinking it would get my battery meter back (i already had superhai's latest power management bundle installed before). After i rebooted leopard wont boot no more i tried "update -v" which was working before now during the booting stage it just freezes. > npvhash=4095 > hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000 > PAE enabled > HPET enabled on your system > enabling INTEL features > Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Sun Mar 2 00:11:08 SCT 2008; made by TOH:xnu-1228/BUILD/obj/RELEASE.I386 > standard time slicing quantum is 10000 us > vm-page-bootstrap : 252817 free pages and 9327 wired pages > mig-table-max-displ = 79 > HTT : 2 core per package: 2 logical cpus per package > Extension "com.apple.driver-AppleACPIPlatform" has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components use only one style > AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=0 LocalApicId=0 Enabled > AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicID=1 LocalApicId=1 Enabled > Loading security extension com.apple.security.TMSafetyNet > calling mpo_policy_init for TMSafetyNet > Security policy loaded : Safety net for Time Machine (TMSafetyNet) > Loading security extension com.apple.nke.applicationfirewall > Loading security extension com.apple.security.seatbelt > calling mpo_policy_init for mb > Seatbelt MACF policy intialized > Security policy loaded : Seatbelt Policy (MB) > Copyright © 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993 > The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved > MAC Framework successfuly initalized > using 5242 Buffer header and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers I tried booting my kernel which is voodoo_beta2 and i get the apple logo with that spinning thingy spinning forever . I tried all sorts of command like -v,-x,-f,-x tried various combinations but it just reboots. I put kalyway 10.5.2 opened disk utility repaired permissions still nothing. Please tell me my options should i have to reinstall leopard all over? Is there anyway to restore my kexts from the backup kext folder using terminal commands? UPDATE: i think this line maybe causing my booting problem > Extension "com.apple.driver-AppleACPIPlatform" has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components use only one style does anyone know how to resolve this if it is the reason im getting the error also i read 5242 buffer header and 4096 cluster IO buffer errors are due to ACPIPlatform.kext and it can be corrected by installing 10.4.8 ACPIPlatform.kext my doubt is if i install that would it have any ill effects on my leopard install cause 10.4.8 is for tiger. I tried my backup kext of AppleAcpiPlatform but i get an error mac os version: not yet set so i reverted back to the pervious one. All my problems started with this power management auto installer which is attached. i have run out of ideas PowerManagement10.rar
  15. sorry panarchy i couldnt be of any help im a noob still learning stuff