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    Processore e scelta SMBIOS

    Ok, grazie!
  2. Pasqualdo

    Processore e scelta SMBIOS

    Salve, ho un Dell XPS 9560 con Sierra più o meno funzionante. Finora non mi sono mai preoccupato di ottimizzare e ho la configurazione di clover che non prevede l'uso dei processori Kaby Lake. Il mio portatile monta un i5-7300HQ e dovei scegliere quale configurazione smbios mettere fra MacBookPro14,1-2-3. Mettendo il 14,3 (che corrisponde a un i5-7700HQ) rischio di fare danni o avere qualcosa non funzionante? Grazie per l'aiuto...
  3. There has to be a network interface named en0, if you do not have a pluggable ethernet then use the nullethernet kext to create a virtual ethernet port.
  4. Hi, sorry to bother with a silly question, but I was using the 9,1 smbios setup and updating the smbios section for the 13,3 version I find that the model identifier section in system information reports MacBookPro1. I double checked by entering the serial on everymac that the serial I am using refers to a late 2016 15'' notebook. Any clue of what could be wrong? Many thanks
  5. Hi. I have a more or less working system, still have to work on my own dsdt, ssdt, right now I am substantially using the ones from Johnny4911 (post #88). At the moment the only annoying things are: - broken USB-C ethernet adapter after sleep - no way to install windows, the installer claims that some drivers are missing. I tried to add the AHCI and USB3 ones but no luck does anyone have a guess of how to fix them? Thanks for your help!
  6. Pasqualdo

    Chamelon e SSDT

    Ciao, grazie, ho visto solo ora la tua risposta. Non ho usato lo script perché ho un i5 di prima generazione e lo script non è compatibile... le tabelle le ho generate con linux. Non so come far riferimento a più tabelle con chameleon, se vanno rinominate o devo fonderle in un'unico file..
  7. Pasqualdo

    Chamelon e SSDT

    Salve, ho estratto le tavole ssdt del mio portatile usando la partizione linux. Solo che anziché creare un solo file ho 6 diversi files. Ho visto che clover è in grado di gestire le tabelle separate, andando a caricare prima quella principale. Non ho trovato istruzioni su come fare, se è possibile, con chameleon.... Grazie a chi saprà aiutarmi... P.
  8. Pasqualdo

    10.10.1 is out!

    I had to patch AMD4600Controller for my ATI 4670 Mobility, then rebuild the cache. Otherwise everything ok.
  9. Thanks! You saved me! I report my mistake just in case someone else is doing the same... While preparing the USB stick for the installations I checked the SLE folder and the ATIRadeonX2000 kext are not there. So I just added the ones from ML. The point is that the Mavericks kext are stored inside the essential package and the installer extracts them later..... Once again, thanks!
  10. Hello, I have a mobility 4670 (1002:4988) working with QE/CI in Mountain Lion. Now I installed Mavericks and QE/CI is not working. I patched the shrike personality in the original AMD4600 kext and I added the (missing) ATIRadeonX2000 kexts from ML. I use Clover with the following graphics section <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>DualLink</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>VideoPorts</key> <integer>2</integer> <key>FBName</key> <string>Shrike</string> <key>LoadVBios</key> <true/> <key>CustomEDID</key> <data>AP///////wBMo0hUAAAAAAASAQOQIxR4Cof1lFdPjCcnUFQAAAABAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEB9TuAaHE4KkAwICUAYcYQAAAa9TuAaHE4KkAwICUAYcYQAAAaAAAA/gBNMDc3RIAxNjBIVAogAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBCiAgAJs=</data> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <true/> </dict> </dict> And the following kexts are loaded ATIRadeonX2000 AMDSupport AMD4600Controller AMDFramebuffer I have full resolution on the laptop monitor and on the external HDMI (both edid overrides as in ML). But I get the following error WindowServer[88]: CGXPerformInitialDisplayConfiguration WindowServer[88]: Display 0x28d51200: Unit 0; Vendor 0x4ca3 Model 0x5448 S/N 0 Dimensions 13.90 x 7.80; online enabled built-in, Bounds (0,0)[1920 x 1080], Rotation 0, Resolution 1 WindowServer[88]: Display 0x0b421e81: Unit 1; Vendor 0x4c2d Model 0x87a S/N 0 Dimensions 23.54 x 13.23; online enabled, Bounds (-1920,0)[1920 x 1080], Rotation 0, Resolution 1 ATIR600OCDContext: IOUserClient inputCount count mismatch WindowServer[88]: initialize_display_context: gl initialization failed - disabling OpenGL It would be great if someone could suggest something that I could try to solve it... Thanks in advance
  11. Pasqualdo

    How to launch ATI-card by DSDT

    Hi Alex, just one question. My graphic card (Mobility 4670) is working well, the only problem is that the laptop monitor does not wake up from sleep. From your post it seems that you solved some sleep related issue injecting the dsdt. Is that correct? What kind of problem did you have before? Thanks.
  12. Pasqualdo

    Sleep on dual monitor system

    Hello, I have a laptop with an ATI 4670 Mobility card. With the right changes on the Shrike personality everything is working well, except the monitor sleep. The problem is that the screen does not wake up correctly and remains dark. What puzzles me is that the second (external HDMI) wakes up well. So the question is: does that mean that there is no problem in the DSDT and it is all about changes in the encoder/transmitter bytes of the personality? I have not found recent posts about editing personalities and everything I tried failed until now... Thanks!
  13. Pasqualdo

    Monitor detection

    Hi, I have a working Lion Install on my Dell Laptop. I decided to connect it to an external monitor with an HDMI cable and everything worked ok. Now I cannot go back to my laptop monitor, it is not detected in the monitor section of the preferences panel and if I boot without the external monitor I get a white screen instead of the usual login screen.. Any suggestion is welcome.. Thanks
  14. Pasqualdo

    Output on IDT and ATI

    Dear all, I have a Dell laptop with 2 audio devices, the integrated IDT 92HD73C1X5 and the HDMI output of the graphic card (ati mobility 4670). I changed the DSDT and the AppleHDA kext so that the HDMI output for an external screen is working fine. On the other hand with this configuration the IDT card is not recognized. Using VoodoHDA I have the opposite problem, the IDT works but there is no way I can get the HDMI output of the ATI card recognized (I tried to change the Info.plist adding a section for the graphic card but it did not work...) Is there a way to load both VoodooHDA and AppleHDA (now I get KP) ? or Is it possible to configure/patch AppleHDA (resp. VodooHDA) so that the IDT (resp. Ati) is recognized as well? Thanks.....
  15. Pasqualdo

    Mobility 4670 on Dell Studio 16 Success

    Hi, this kext will not help you with your card. The main issue with my mobility 4670 was the correct setting for the various output ports of the card, this is specific for the 4670M. Best