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  1. Deception

    To all you hard core apple fan's..(Which I am one myself!) You need to realize that all the hardware in a mac is generic itself...None of the hardware thats in a mac these days is made by apple...LOL....even the EFI chips that are in mac are not...They are made by INTEL just like the Motherboards are...Don't believe me look it up for yourself...(Google is you friend so is Wiki) So just think about that,,,,all apple actualy makes now on their computers is the casing...LOL....Apple is now selling Cheap overpriced PC'S.....LOL
  2. Hey This was a great method to install os x I have a complete vanilla install on a compaq pc with a core 2 duo and I only have four kexts in the extra folder and everything works from get go....I ran combo update from 10.5 to 10.5.5. all went well ..I had to just boot into safe mode the first time after update then now it boots up reg since...can't wait to try and see if all goes same with next update ...well thanx everyone who has something to do with this method...
  3. ALC888 driver works but no sound

    Yes I got a alc888 hd sound built in chip the driver sees the card and vol controls work but I have no sound..plz can anyone help?
  4. Did you reformat your HD or did you install over an old install of os x?