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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Thanks for all your hard work Mysticus C*, very much appreciated! Hope you can catch up with sleep in the next couple of days! Cheers, Jabba
  2. Samsung NC 10

    Welcome Whitespace and thank you very much for your post! Did you manage to get the headphone jack working? Cheers, Jabba
  3. Samsung NC 10

    Hi guys, just found on XLR8yourmac a very cheep and cheerful external fix for the missing LAN/mic on the NC10. Ordered one from Amazon Jabba
  4. Samsung NC 10

    Thanks for your interesting post Djellison! Can you confirm that SLEEP does work with the MSI Wind ISO? Hope your USB troubles are fixed soon Cheers, Ingo
  5. Samsung NC 10

    That's good news guys, I'm glad there's so much progress in the NC10 community! The Samsung seems to be nearly as OS X compatible as the MSI Wind. Any luck with LAN and SLEEP? A German forum reports that the NC10 uses the Marvell Yukon 88E8040 LAN chip which as far as I can see here offers 10/100 LAN (Fast Ethernet). But I know there's quite a bit confusion around this controller and some say that it does Gigabit. I can't tell who's right. Keep up reporting back – very much appreciated! Jabba
  6. Samsung NC 10

    Any news from the audio chipset front? I'm very intrigued by this netbook and its OS X compatibility. This afternoon I've had the chance to compare both the MSI Wind and the NC 10 side-by-side at Comet in Twickenham and the Samsung felt much sturdier (keyboard and hinges) and looked more refined (at least to me) than the MSI. Jabba