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  1. Yes it is. Exactly as described in the guide in the first post.
  2. It turns out I had paired the mouse/deleted it a few times. So that must have caused 8.1 to store the keys differently somehow. I was able to get the original method to work by deleting the pairing first, then deleting all references to my mouse's bluetooth uniq id (mac address) from the registry. Rebooted 8.1 then paired it again and it showed the key again in the normal area... From there, the original method works...
  3. Hi everyone, I have had a bluetooth mouse working in both OS following this guide for awhile until the mouse broke. In getting a new mouse to work, I had to remove the old mouse, but after adding the new mouse, when I navigate to the unique ID of my network adapter here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\BTHPORT\Parameters\Keys\(Unique ID of your network adapter) I don't find the device unique id of my mouse... Therefore, after I pair the mouse in OSX, and return to W8.1, I'm unable to "Modify Binary Data" I'm using "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" driver. My device manager under bluetooth shows: Bluetooth Mouse Device Identification Service Generic Bluetooth Adapter Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  4. Dual Boot Bluetooth Pairing Solved

    Sorry to dig up this old thread. I recently finished setting a dual boot w8 and mavericks ultrabook, purchased a generic logitech BT mouse. Followed the above procedure, paired the mouse in W8, went to Mavericks, paired it. retrieved the link key from blued.plist. Went back in to W8, opened up regedit using psexec, added the value back in (double/triple checked to make sure the values were correct). Exited regedit (CMD screen shows regedit exited with error code 0). Went back to double checked the key value, it did save. But the mouse won't work, shows offline in devices.
  5. Any help? to summarize, I have verified my ISO is legit from Microsoft, this is the one I am using (although named different, hash matches): File Name: en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso Languages: English SHA1: 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4 All of the multiboot guides I have found don't work as stated in those guies. (eg.This one, or this other one) The install recognizes the bios key and I don't need to enter the key. But I always get errors like "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one..." or if I create new partitions in DISKPART, then try to install using the GUI installer, I'll get 0xc000005 when the installer tries to copy files. Then I try to use the DISM Method to install W8 but it always thinks it is a pro version, and my bios key is the core version.
  6. I have been trying to follow this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293574-beginners-guide-to-uefi-tripledual-boot-os-x-windows-and-linux-kali-on-an-single-true-gpt-ssd/ to get a dual boot Mav/W8 installed with clover on my S3-391. The Mav and clover install was no problem. But when I go to install W8 (I'm using a W8 Core OEM that I could find) it won't let me install. I get the same errors as Frankie on page 2 of that thread, When I use the same method as him (dism method), I can install windows 8 but it keeps on thinking it is the Pro version. I have hashed the iso's that I downloaded and they match the Core OEM versions that I find on the web everywhere. So now I'm stuck with not being able to install a W8-core that I can activate using the key in the bios. Can someone help point me in the right direction. I too am pulling my hair out one at a time, very sloooowly...
  7. Can someone help shed a light on how to get past the W8.1 installation error "we couldn't create a new partition or locate..." I don't have any other memory or USB drives installed except for the installation USB. no matter what I do, the installation gets stuck with this error. I've even used a new drive started from scratch (i.e. partition, install Mav, apply clover, install W8.1) and result was the same. I wonder if the 20gb msata SSD could be causing this problem? But it seems like most of the S3-391's have the same msata SSD drive? I have an old install of ML on that SSD, shouldn't make a difference right?
  8. Progress... Looks like I must have skipped a step using your guide. I ended up making the Clover USB using this guide here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/mavericks-desktop-guides/125632-how-install-os-x-mavericks-using-clover.html#post767827 Then I moved the kext files, config.plist (Prod Name and Serial changed to MacbookAir4,1) from your zip file, my own DSDT, SSDT to the EFI partition Rebooted using UEFI (with success this time) and selected my existing Mavericks install, it booted right into my existing Mavericks install no problem... I think I'm gonna just try to install Clover on my existing partition... hopefully this will work... Keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Hi ctugt,Thanks for this guide. I have the S3-391-6048. Been running Mavericks/W8 using Chameleon for a few months now. I want to switch to UEFI using your guide. But I have run into a few troubles and questions 1. I can't get the USB made with Diskmaker to be recognized by the S3's UEFI... I'm making the Mav USB using my current Chameleon install of Mavericks. Is this correct? When I switch the bios to UEFI, with this USB, it just says "no bootable device". But the W8 USB will boot under UEFI. 2. Your Acer_Aspire_ S3_391_OSX_EFI_Clover.zip does not have an EFI folder as your guide indicates. So I assumed the root folder of that extracted file IS the EFI folder, is this a correct assumption? 3. Do I have to wipe my current Chameleon version of 10.9.2? (it is working really well, don't want to have to start over). Can I convert that to a clover bootloader using something like this http://www.skylineosx.com/installation/switching-from-chameleonchimera-to-clover/ I plan to reinstall my W8 (or W8.1) using an OEM disk to get the W8 partition back to stock... 4. My CPU is an i3-2367M sandybridge, so the best sys def for my S3 happens to be MacbookAir4,1 so I would like to modify the config.plist to reflect this, but I'm not sure if simply changing the string value these 2 keys? are there any other keys under SMBIOS that need to be changed? ProductName SerialNumber Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm currently on their latest stable bios, the next one available is a beta should I do that? http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-p...x?pid=2617#bios Also I'm not sure how to extract new DSDT using that method you linked in topic 225991... I'm not sure what everest is? Can I use this method? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=235523 This is the result of the dsdt from the 235523 method saved with .jpg
  11. Here it is hmmm, I can't attach .aml so I changed it to .txt will that work? dsdt.txt
  12. Okay, will have to reinstall SL since I can't get to any OS on that computer to even pull the DSDT. Will post as soon as I do so...
  13. Ah, I didn't pay much attention to that. Mine actually is give KP at "CPU 1 has no HPET assigned to it" I have made sure HPET has been enabled in bios and tried both 32bit and 64bit setting in bios http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/7696/mailgooglecomnn.jpg I patched the DSDT within OSX itself after the installation, is that the correct way?
  14. Thanks for all your help MaLd0n I'm essentially stuck at the same spot after following all the steps... GA-965GM-S2 with E4500 using hackbootv5/imac9,1 after installing chameleon and patching dsdt and updating to 10.6.7 I get the same screen when trying to boot. I not overclocking and I've even tried a different video card (radeon 4350) than the onboard video. When I boot, I get stuck at the same screen as this Renard45's screenshot... Any ideas?
  15. Thank you for posting this thread. It gave me some hope for an older MB that I have: GA-965GM-S2 with E4500 C2D So I pulled it out installed some hardware on it: 96gb SSD, a DVD multi-drive and 4gb DDR2. Everything seems fine when I boot using hackboot, then I insert my retail 10.6.1 DVD (from my macbook). When it is done loading, it asks for the language preference, as soon as I chose the language, a message pops up saying: "Mac OS X can't be installed on this computer" and gives me the option of restore from backup or restart I can go into disk utilities if I chose Restore from backup and partition the drive. But I still can't install the OS. My Bios setting is setup for AHCI, not sure if there's anything else I need to do?