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  1. James, Try to change the product ID in your info.plist to 33175 (since 0x8197 = 33175). When you're done, reload the kext as CyanSmoker described in his post. Regards Sypholux
  2. Today I have bought a cheap LogiLink WL0006 USB adapter powered by the Realtek RTL8187B chipset for my Mac mini. At first, nothing worked with the Realtek drivers. The Realtek USB WLAN Client Utility never started up, even when I launched it manually. It took me a whole day to find the culprit: it was a simple mismatch between the USB product ID of the device and the ID the driver was looking for. You can look up the USB product ID of the adapter using System Profiler » USB (mine is 0x8187 in hex, which translates to 33159). The driver itself looks for an ID of 33161. The latter is configurable via the Info.plist file inside the kext package (see CyanSmoker’s explanation). Because of the mismatch, the kext still loads normally but won’t enable the device. You can notice that this happens by the debug output in /var/log/system.log as follows: RTL8187B_WLAN_Adapter: family specific matching fails Note that you have to modify the debug level (as explained above) to enable logging before you reload the kext. My solution: I just modified the product ID value in the Info.plist file from 33161 to 33159 and reloaded the kext file (as CyanSmoker explained above). Regards Sypholux