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  1. Muchas gracias por la aclaración, Schweppes. Saludos.
  2. Hola, Me ha decepcionado bastante el hecho de que, aun teniendo kernel Vanilla, la actualización directa desde "Software Updates" a 10.5.2 sea un auténtico fracaso. Lo hice y he tenido que reinstalar todo desde cero. Entonces, me asalta la siguiente duda: ¿para qué usar kernel Vanilla? ¿qué ventajas tiene, si se supone que era precísamente para no tener problemas con las actualizaciones?. ¿Recomendáis entonces mejor el de TOH?. Muchas gracias.
  3. Lonerdj and P.U.G, I've followed your simple instructions and my install went very well. Now I have dual boot with Leopar and XP. Thank you very much!
  4. Lonerdj, I have two questions regarding kernels: 1) Is it possible to have dual boot, XP and Leopard with Vanilla Kernel?. I think it is interesting to get updates easily 2) Can I boot freely between Vanilla and TOH's kernels?. Which one is best?. Thanks in advance!
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    RS690 is a quite new chipset. I'm not sure if Leopard supports it (I've read it is very incomplete). For futher reading: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...99&hl=sb600 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...77&hl=sb600 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...98&hl=sb600 Good luck.
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    FX? Nope. GeForce 7 Series. Mine is NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB PCI Express.
  7. New AMD DVD for leopard

    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
  8. New AMD DVD for leopard

    As I've seen here, it is quite a new and complete processor. It should work without problems with Zeph's Rev1. I think that your PC is a Laptop, right? Could you tell us more specs (laptop brand and name or motherboard/chipset)?
  9. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Nothing strange, just a freeze up. What is your processor?
  10. I can set it to "Auto", "None", "CD/DVD" or "ARMD". If I set it to "None", then it shows "Not installed". Then when I reboot, the BIOS don't see any drive, so I cannot boot into OSX. I'm desperated with this "Diskarb/IOKitWaitQuiet" issue.
  11. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Apart from what Zephyroth said, Mac OS X perhaps is not the fastest and most responsive OS since it uses Darwin as underlying subsystem (FreeBSD port). But think about other beneficits that this OS provides... BTW, if you want you can disable Spotlight and Dashboard in order to speed it up a bit.
  12. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Glad to hear that!. Don't hesitate to visit wiki or query your problems here.
  13. New AMD DVD for leopard

    You have the mach_reboot problem. Revise the entire thread because it has been covered enough. Visit wiki. Your machine reboots because you have a SSE2 processor and you need another kernel. Please search for info in this thread.
  14. Weird hang during boot

    Hi, I have the same delay/problem when booting. It takes about 30 secs extra and I don't know why. These are the debug lines: ... kernel[0]: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=90[mdworker] clearing CS_VALID ... kextd[10]: IOKitWaitQuiet() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols ... kextd[10]: writing kernel link data to /var/run/mach.sym Could someone explain what is "kernel symbols" or "kernel link data"?, what is this "mach.sym" used for? Thanks...
  15. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I envy you!!. I'm considering also to buy one. Thanks for the tip. Btw, I don't have a second LAN port. I have a second class mobo... m.catamount, Nasty error... I cannot tell you about it, but you could try Transmac ver. 8 (just with the evalutation version you are done). It worked fine for me. It's all I can tell you. Good luck.