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    Msn messnger for macbook

    install microsoft office 2008 for mac to ur mac, and then it will also install the msn for mac..
  2. cielchan

    nForce LAN driver

    you totally rock!!! i'm replying this using leopard... but,how it work??
  3. cielchan

    nForce LAN driver

    actually those kext not really working for me, my ethernet card was detected and i can configure it, but the main problem is I can not connect to the internet, if I assign the IP by DHCP, it will get 169.254.xxx.xxx and the subnet that does not match with my router config, and still can not connect to the internet but if I assign the IP manually, I can not connect to the internet and the worst is I can not ping my own router. guys, do you have solution for this??
  4. same here!! My mobo also MSi P7N Zilent, I have tried using Kalyway, but the result is same, stuck on the boot screen...