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  1. I was just wondering, when you guys boot up your Mac and load into Windows, do you guys hear the Mac start up sound? You know the sound when you turn on your computer before you even load into OSX or Windows.
  2. Disable start up chime?

    Lol, I don't think you guys have read my post before posting, I'm running WINDOWS XP, So "StartupSound.prefpane" would not work, unless you are saying that I should install OS X first then mute the sound with "StartupSound.prefpane", then go back and reinstall WinXp. Foodie Monster:....
  3. Disable start up chime?

    I am trying to disable the bootup chime on my Macbook (the sound that occurs before the OS kicks starts). I am running only XP w/ SP3 on the MacBook, purely XP no bootcamp, just the drivers. I know under Mac OS, muting the system volume when you reboot will also mute the startup sound, but this does not work under Windows (i.e., the chime still occurs). Does anyone know a way to achieve this result under XP. Becasue this bootup chime occurs before the OS takes control, I am assuming firmware controls it so it may not be possible without flashing. Thanks!