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  1. Need help with Tc Electronic Konnekt live!

    I just got an info that might be that pci firewire is my problem I'm going to buy a pci-e firewire card soon...
  2. Hi! Hopefully somebody can help me! I'm having trouble with my hackintosh.. I just followed the lifehacker post which I can run Snow Leopard on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P right now 10.6.1.. The problem is my Tc Electronic Konnekt Live Audio Interface is not recognized! They released a 32 bit driver for Snow Leopard and they claiming that it should work on a 32 bit kernel... When I check the system profile it is there but do not recognized by the software! I followed their route as some of the people had trouble with their real macs but the route working for them! Any help would be really helpful! Thanks!
  3. Snow Leopard for $29

    My efix machine will gladly install snow leo then!
  4. Fellow Musicians!

    Maybe just for me new this opportunity!? I got the link from myspace! If you want to release your own music, this is the way! One of my single music goes to itunes now! Good luck!!! Free to sing in! http://www.songcastmusic.com/affiliate/sc.php?id=1425
  5. Case dismissed! http://www.engadget.com/2008/11/18/psystar...pple-dismissed/
  6. GA-EP45-DS4 / EP45-DS4P

    Im running on DS4P without any modification... Leopard installed like a charm updated to 10.5.5 from apple directly... If i would apply the LS8v14 quartzextreme should work too! But as lame its a nice to see almost everything up without any kext modification....
  7. And apple just support you with 2 stickers when you purchase the retail leopard.....
  8. I just got bored in florida! I might moving too!