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  1. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Am I missing something? I thought I saw an empty m.2 slot for wifi/BT on the motherboard of the 13" version. Couldn't we just install a macOS compatible module there and connect the antennas from the intel one? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Broadcom-BCM94352Z-Wireless-AC-NGFF-Dual-band-802-11ac-867Mbps-WIFI-Bluetooth-BT-4-0-Card/32580045155.html Apart from that, I see most people use wifi dongles, are they just trying the cheapest solution or has my idea been tested and proven wrong already? Thanks for keeping this project going!
  2. El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    Hi all, First of all a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far! It's really awesome! I have the gaming 3, just like Majonez and everything seems to be working so far, with a gtx 970 4GB and 16GB (2x8GB DDR4 3000) corsair memory. I have something funny going on though. Only in OSX does my PSU make a whining, squealing noise. I read that I should change the CPU vcore from auto to the value that it shows. However, when I do that, it gives me a KP on login. EDIT: The Vcore that shows is 1.180V, which gives me a KP. However, under MIT I saw that the mobo's vcore was only 1.165, so I set it to 1.165 and it booted up and no squealing noise!
  3. (Guide) Insert Ozmosis into UEFI BIOS

    Thank you for the guide! 2 questions though: 1) Intel GFX in Clover config.plist: <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x01620005</string> In OzmosisDefaults.plist: <key>AAPL,ig-platform-id</key> <integer>0xDEADBEAF</integer> I have 01620007 in my Clover config.plist --> What does this become in Ozmosis? 2) Where can I find the 17 digit BaseboardSerial? Thanks in advance!
  4. How to fix ASMedia USB 3.0 on El Capitan ?

    I can confirm that Riley's method with the Oyen mXHCI kext works well on 10.11.2 with the approriate dsdt edits he provided. The reason that I didn't have succes at first was because I tried to connect a sound cable with it instead of storage. Storage works well, other things aren't detected
  5. How to fix ASMedia USB 3.0 on El Capitan ?

    Same problem here, I can see it loaded in verbose boot, but no UUID :/ Racermaster; with your kext the system doesn't even boot at all EDIT: Manually installing Racermaster's kext does get the system to boot, but again no UUID and Finder crashes all the time
  6. Confirmed and working on my Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional-M on Yosemite from App Store. Before install; only the Intel-series USB 3.0 worked. After install; ALL USB ports work, so I have Intel AND ASM1042 working! Thank you!
  7. Hey Fred Will this .plist file also work on an intel core i7-3770K? I've searched all day long getting speedstep to work but still stuck at 0,8GHz. BTW I also noticed that I get KP with the mac mini 6,2 smbios so I decided to stick with imac 13,2 Grtz Metalcored00d EDIT OMG it worked!! Thank you so much!! =')
  8. [How to]Clover on EFI partition/Add to Bios

    So that's why my BIOS only finds my USB as an UEFI file system and not my 2 HDD's? Been trying over and over again to let Clover detect my HD's. My BIOS shows my HDD's as AHCI but won't boot them as UEFI. I have an Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty pro-m
  9. DSDT for Asus P8H77-M LE

    Thanks so much, it friggin' worked
  10. DSDT for Asus P8H77-M LE

    First of all, many thanks for the effort you did to provide us with both the dsdt and the BIOS. I flashed the BIOS and installed Mavericks 10.9.2 using the MyHack method. However, it only works using the "-X" flag. This is also true for booting to the desktop. I already set the PCIE gfx card as primary in the BIOS and have moved the intel gfx related kexts into another folder. Still, every time I boot normal, it hangs on "iobluetooth... missing transport". Any ideas on what I should do?