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  1. Anyone mind sharing their bios settings? Here is what I have done. Insert [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] cd and hit f12. Select the cd rom and let it load the grub. From there I have tried loading the cd as well as a snow leopard install. Both error out and doesn't get any further. I did have it on ACHI and then switch it to IDE. both do the same thing. Also, I had to use a hdd with snow leopard image on it for the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to see it. It doesn't see the retail disk in the other drive. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. Gonna have to try this out. Win7 messed up my boot for OSX so have been searching around for a good guide to test. DD guide for the UD5R is great if you know what to change but this will get to 10.6.3 and is specific to my board. Many thanks. I'll let you know when I get everything working.
  3. What did you have to do to get your gfx card working? After an update or two ago, my FCP takes a second to catch video up to the audio. Annoying! So looking at prices, 100 bucks or so wouldn't be a bad buy if it's not too hard to get going. Looks like our systems are similar.
  4. How I missed this thread is beyond me. I actually used the UD5R guide and tweaked a few things and my machine is running like a dream since. I'm gonna have to try this guide out and see how it goes. I will ask this though. Anyone have this running and have a gigabit network switch? I just got one and the only issue with my setup is that the switch is only seeing it as 100Mbps based and not 1000. If anyone could confirm that they got this setup with full 1000Mbps gigabit speeds, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Has anyone had issues with any of the sleepenablers? I got the main side working really solid up to 10.6.1 then I clone it and test on another partition. When I go through the steps with the new sleepenabler it will never boot. I have done many variations as well with it. So I ask where do I put the new sleepenabler before the install? I have put it in the /extras folder and rebuilt the cache, I've deleted it from there and put it in the main system extensions and various other random ways. I even dropped it in DD kext folder and ran the script and installed straight to the partition. Always seems to hang on the sleepenabler. Any help or suggestions would be great. I am on a UD3R board but up to this point it has been minor kext swaps to get everything right. Chameleon 2 RC3 is what I am using as well.
  6. SMBIOS Final Cut Pro Fix

    Didn't work for me Getting FCP to work is the last thing I need to get going before I move everything to 10.6
  7. GA-EX58-UD3R

    Ok, got everything working pretty smoothly. Just used a default string from osx86 tools and got my card going. Says its 512 when really it's a 1024 but I was running leopard like this with no issues. Going to look for a string that will give me full read on the memory. As of right now I am happy with the actual running of the system. Now just need to get final cut running. Crashes on start. I'm sure it's an easy fix
  8. I got it all worked out. Had to use my 10.5 hack side to do everything and managed to get it all working. Had some initial issues with getting and loosing sound and network but got everything solid. Now I am just working on my graphics card. I broke the whole system with the 10.6.2 update but considering I have a better grasp I can get everything back up in less then an hour. Thanks all that contribute to this project and DD for the excellent guide.
  9. GA-EX58-UD3R

    So the first run after the install I had sound. No network and graphics card isn't reading right. Did a few more steps and broke sound and network Went back and added a few kext and went on the line of possibly breaking everything and got everything working minus graphics So now after a tons of different configs and reboots to get the gfx recognized right, it still reads as 32mb,ha, I ask how you installed pc EFI and where this graphics enabler from. Netkas just says to replace boot file in boot partition with this on. Not sure where to look for that. I tried putting the latest nvinject in there with no success. As I was typing I broke the working system with the latest 10.6.2 update, ha. Looks like I have some more work ahead of me. Again, thanks for any help.
  10. So I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong. When I double click to run the installer it gives the following: /~extra/X58_patch_installer.sh: No such file or directory logout It is in the folder like it should. So then I run just the X58_patch_installer.sh in terminal and it will get me to the password and then gives me this: sudo: ./~extra/X58_patch_installer.sh: command not found /Users/XXXX/Desktop/Gigabyte SL Prepare/X58_Mobo_Patch_Installer/~extra/X58_patch_installer.sh: line 28: /Users/XXXX/~extra/Logs/Install.log: No such file or directory Both of which are in their respective places. I am confused. I believe I tried this a while back and got it to work but remember I had to do something slightly different to make it work. Not sure. I am trying to run this on a 13" Macbook Pro with 10.6.2. Any help is great. Thanks
  11. GA-EX58-UD3R

    Do you have QE running? I did his install and I had issues with getting QE so I couldn't get FCP running. Also, where did you get the VoodooHDA? The QE and sound was the only thing lacking last time Thx
  12. No FireWire after 10.5.6 update

    I have issues with my firewire devices mounting. System profile sees them just doesn't mount them. What I do and it only takes a few seconds is run the kextload command in terminal and it works everytime. Also, if my firewire devices are present at boot they work fine. Here is the terminal command I use for firewire devices not mounting: Hard drives or storage devices sudo kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport.kext Firewire cameras sudo kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext Firewire Audio sudo kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/AppleFWAudio.kext I haven't gotten around to making scripts for them but it should be easy and you can make an icon to launch them. Hope this helps.
  13. Just an update real quick. Some of you have asked for a guide so I will give you the one I used and the tweaks I made. This guide came from another thread about i7 so credit goes to that user. Also, if you are looking to do the HD footage from Canons or others then I found the solution. FCP has to 'log and transfer' and with the camera even being plugged in it would crash FCP and imovie '09. What I did was load the clips in Roxio Toast, which ROCKS, and converted it to HD quicktime then took it into FCP. Converting looked to be the same length as a macbook pro transfer. So hope that helps any of you looking to do that. Here is the guide I used and got mine working. I changed 2 things though to have it work. Drivers/VGA/NVINject, nothing else on the VGA nvidia strings. This was for my 9800gtx+. THen Drivers/System/Sata IDE/ Intel Sata. Not AHCI. I was having problems with the AHCI where it wouldn't boot. Try that and let me know how it goes. I'll try helping in anyway I can. I'll also try for a guide of my own here soon. iAtkos v5i Main System - Bootloader / PC EFI V9 - X86 Patches / Decrypters / AppleDecrypt - X86 Patches / SMBIOS Drivers / SMBios Enablers / SMBios EFI - X86 Patches / 9.5.0 Kernel Fassl (Note !!!!!!! Do not use the "Voodoo" Kernel, it has a bug that makes System Clock and video playback go too fast. Also HyperThreading enabled h264 video encoding under Voodoo Kernel seems to perform poorly compared to Fassl (Not sure if this is true, since clock is advancing too fast under Voodoo, it might be that encoding applications think that the throughput (fps) is lower that it really is). - X86 Patches / ACPI / Stock ACPI Modified - X86 Patches / Disabler.kext - X86 Patches / OHR (Without this system shutdown doesn't work properly). - Drivers / VGA / NVidia / NVKush - Drivers / VGA / NVidia / EFI Strings For NVidia / 8xxx / 8400 GS 512 MB - Drivers / System / SATA IDE / Intel AHCI Sata - Drivers / System / ext2fs (This is not needed if you do not plan to read Linux formatted disks) - Drivers / System / Ntfs-3G (This is not needed if you do no need NTFS Write support) - Drivers / Network / Realtek R1000
  14. The HG20 loads through usb. It is the newer AVCHD format which FCP needs to 'Log and Transfer.' Kind of a doopy way of doing it. What I did was transfer the clip to my hard drive then convert it then import it into FCP. Premeire ran it as smooth as it could. Kind of a weird hickup if you ask me. If I could get my hands on a firewire hd cam I would totally run that through. Should work fine though. Now thinking of this it might have to do with h.264 acceleration? I know I read somewhere in the forums that the newest quicktime had it built in and made the mouse jumpy. Everything is running good on my system minus the hd stuff. I haven't moved to it yet so right now I am fine. As for any more shows on the beast I have not thought about it. I am looking for some more Tech Tuesday gear to get my hands on and do a show about.
  15. Btw I got all my firewire devices running. I simply have to run a command in Terminal for both of them. So know my firewire audio interface works as well. It's a Mackie Oynx Satellite. Use logic to record some short vocals and it works great. If anyone needs the kext's I load for firewire video and firewire audio just ask. Also, I got my hands on a Canon HG20 and tried loading clips up in FCP. After about 30 seconds FCP just quits. So does iMovie. Premiere Pro runs it fine. Just thought I would give the heads up