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    Idea from all this fuss

    thxs... good post... I was thinking more of an "official" - switcher cd set, or somthing in the lines of IPOD USB startup thingy
  2. I am relatively new here so bare with me if I am telling something that it is not new... Everybody in here has a different computer. Its a DELL or a do it yourself, but, if you get my drift, they are all different. Even so, this board is plaggued with success stories. Usually partial succes, but notheless, success... Now comes the idea... When OSX86 comes out, why don't you do like every one else in the Linux world and create a Livecd/(dvd) It mustn't be too difficult. I myself was able to "install" this release taken form the net, with minimal, better, none configuration. Hot plug found out almost all my hardware ( in two different computers) and was able to take me into the OS itself... This way you could get almost everyone to try out your system, in a controlled fashion (you could have it riddled with "for testing purposes only" or now "just try the real thing" on exit screens, anything... Sorry to take you this time! g back to whatever you were doing! Good work, love you Operating System, and my next computer will be a mactel! latrine