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  1. HP Compaq nc6220

    I wanted some feedback from people about running OSX on this machine. Perhaps someone got something working that I didn't What works: Installing and running Apple OSX 10.4.5. Video with CI and QE enabled Sound USB-ports Internal DVD-RL burner (Mat{censored}a UJDA765a) What doesn't work: Internal wired LAN (Broadcom something, how do I find out without Windows?) Wireless LAN (Intel BG2200) Bluetooth module (seems neither the WLAN or BT module is enabled, nor can I enable it) PC-Card slots SD-card reader Smartcard reader (how to even use this one in Windows? ) Softscroll part of touchpad or tap-click (have to use hard keys to click) I think that's it... System Profiler doesn't detect any audio hardware, and I can't format any external USB-drives - Disk Utility falls into an endless loop. Bluetooth only works with some USB dongles, but ONLY if I do a reboot of OSX. You also need a secondary monitor attached to boot successfully. I have built a small dongle to take care of that issue. Small annoyance but I can live with it If anyone got anything more to work it would be nice to know. The complete lack of networking makes the machine pretty unusable since I want to use it as a workstation. The laptop feels a lot snappier than the dualG5 system I have, so I am happy anyway. But networking and SD-slot would be nice to get working... Rock on!
  2. HP Compaq nc6220 & wlan/bluetooth

    I tried that, but it doesn't work. If i boot Windows and enable it the blue led turns off during reboot. And nothing happens if i press it before Darwin boots. I am running 10.4.5 atm. Works OK except some apps crashes. Video works good, so does audio. But as usual no PC-card support, no wlan or built in LAN so the machine is totally disconnected from the world. Bluetooth doesn't work either since it won't enable. Only way I can get bluetooth working is by plugging in an USB one, but then i have to reboot the system to enable it. OSX also has massive problems handling USB-harddrives, everytime i try to format an external drive the Disk Utility app hangs indefinately and nothing happens with the drive until i reboot the entire machine.
  3. I have a HP Compaq nc6220 laptop. In Windows mode I can enable and disable both WLAN and Bluetooth using a special button on the keyboard. When it's on a blue light usually lights up at two places. But when I boot OSX neither light is on, and nothing happens when I press that button. So I wonder, is the hardware disabled or does OSX simply detect and reject it? I don't know how to check what's detected or not... but OSX should at least make use of the bluetooth on the laptop.... it works fine with a bluetooth USB dongle, but if I somehow could enable the built in..... Any ideas?
  4. What network cards work?

    Netgear WG111v2 (USB) does NOT work 3Com 3CRUSB10075 (USB) does NOT work Neither does the builtin wired NIC OR the wireless in my HP Compaq nc6220. Nothing works. Not even bluetooth.