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    World of Warcraft - Hackintosh Guild

    No, as WOW use D3D on Windows and OpenGL on OSX, D3D is still better for 3D gaming.
  2. J'ai installé la 10.4.11 avec succès. QE/CI sont activés sur ma 9700 Pro AGP, mais bizzarement je n'ai pas d'accélération 3D. Quelqu'un a déjà eu le problème ?
  3. Merci pour l'info.. J'ai chopé le DVD, pas contre, pas d'EFI pour ma config je suppose ?
  4. Bonjour, J'ai un DELL Optiplex GX260 à base de Pentium IV Northwood (SSE2 Only) et je voudrais le mettre à jour au moins vers une version 10.4.9. Je souhaiterais savoir quels patch installer ? Existe t-il une version de la mise à jour combo 10.4.9 patched ? Merci par avance.
  5. JustK

    Carte graphique la plus adaptée pour MAc os

    J'ai une X1600XT Sapphire elle marche "out of the box".
  6. My graphic card fan doesn't work anymore. I need to buy a new one, but I don't know which one. I have seen a large choice of fan for GeForce or ATI X8XX series, but nothing specially for X1600 ones. Can any one help me ?
  7. JustK

    [FR] JaS 10.4.6

    Plus performante ? Ca ne veut pas dire grand chose... Tu veux savoir si la 10.4.6 supporte une plus grande variété de contrôleur SATA ?
  8. JustK

    [FR] Carte reseau grisée

    Je ne parlais pas de processeur AMD, mais de la carte AMDPCNET de VMWARE. Question supplémentaire, c'est quoi ta carte réseau ?
  9. JustK

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    It's sad to see this kind of discussion. We are a community, trying to go the same way. I do respect Omni work, even if I haven't any clue about what he is doing. If he want to release, so do he... If he release nothing, we haven't lost anything at all. It would be nice to have an ATI drivers project under GNU licencing, it's not... ok. It isn't a reason to close this forum anyway. Perhaps, others ATI drivers projects will rise one day or another.
  10. JustK

    [FR] Carte reseau grisée

    Tu as installé quelle release ? Je me demande si la carte que tu vois ne serais pas la carte AMD pour VMWARE installée par défaut sur les releases à base de patch Maxxuss.
  11. JustK

    [FR]1.4.5 MAJ1.4.6

    Prendre tes petits doigts et chercher sur le forum... Sinon, tu vas sur des sites de recherches de torrents et tu recherche une mise à jour 10.4.6 pour 10.4.5 patchée. C'est comme ça que j'ai fait.
  12. The problem is not about the PCMCIA card, I belive that it comes from the Texas Intrument Cardbus. The problem is to make it working.
  13. This PCMCIA card is meant to run on OSX 10.4.5 according OSX86 wiki. I belive my cardbus isn't recognised. It's a Texas Instrument PCIxx21 Cardbus controller. If somenone has the answer, if this cardbus work or not ?
  14. JustK

    Where is Maxxuss?

    I also belive that. In my opinion, if Apple doesnt want OSX86 running on PC, it wouldn't run anyway, they have an entire control on the hardware who is meant to run OSX86, they could add all the security they want... But they didn't. Maxxus was only here to launch the process, to give faith to the community. We all know that a lot of OSX 86 on PC users, will switch for an Intel Apple one day or another, Apple know it. That's why they release Boot Camp to break the last frontier, now for users it's just a matter of money. The OSX86 project is the best advertissement for Apple I have seen since : "Think Different !". As a system administrator, this website permit me to earn easily OSX86 skills. Now, I'm not worry anymore about switching our old PC for new Intel Mac. To conclude, my belive is that Maxxus is an Apple ingeneer and he has the agreement of Apple to release all the patch he has done.