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    Triple monitor with GTX670 and Ivy Bridge

    You need to update to 10.8.2 first, but nVidia just released new drivers, which by all accounts will support 4 monitors on a 670. http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html
  2. Generic George

    Help with GTX560

    Some more information would be helpful. What version of osx are you using? Have you installed the latest drivers from nVidia's website? You probably want to be running at least 10.7.3 since I believe that is required for the latest nVidia drivers and I believe it has some updated drivers in as well. I had to do both before I got my 560ti 448 core desktop running. Sound through HDMI unfortunately is not simple to get running currently. The video part works fine as far as I can tell, once you have the graphics card fully working.
  3. So has anyone tried this with a 2011 socket board? I'm getting the upgrade itch.
  4. That didn't work, but re-installing 10.7, updating it to 10.7.3 from the combo updater and then running the script did work.
  5. Anyone else loose sound after updating to 10.7.3? I'm not having much luck getting it back.
  6. If you can get it up and working as a hackintosh, then yes. I wouldn't necessarily rush out to get a graphics card as your first order of business. I would look into getting more storage first. Having multiple drives in a hackintosh is very useful. On my hackintosh, I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a duplicate of my primary drive to another HD, before I try any upgrades. Until you have another HD, you might want to consider partitioning your HD and using on half to back up your hackintosh. Remember that a hackintosh can be much more "fragile" than a regular mac. Having a back up and backing up regularly is very important, since an update can kill your hackintosh. Generally speaking you should check around here to see if people are having issues before you install any updates. Since there may be things you have to do upgrade hackintosh specific files if nothing else.
  7. You might want to try this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185097 It works pretty well with most gigabyte MB. Getting multiple graphics cards to work on a hackintosh seems to be difficult. I would ask/look in the graphics card portion of the board. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showforum=151 Though your 560 drives two monitors and there is no advantage or benefit to using the built in graphics to drive a second monitor. It's a lot simpler to just use two of the outputs on the nVidia card.
  8. Generic George

    GTX 460 PCI Configuration Begin Problem

    I'm not sure the v2 means anything frankly. I experienced something similar when I first tried to set up my hackintosh under 10.7.2, but then I installed just 10.7 and updated to 10.7.2 via software update and it worked fine.
  9. Well the HD3000 is apparently supported by at least some of the boot loaders with SL. But remember the integrated graphics offer pathetic performance compared to all but the weakest graphics cards. http://tonymacx86.bl...ge-hd-3000.html Depending on what software you will be using for video editing, it may be able to tap the power of your graphics card for the video processing. If that is the case, then you will definitely want to get a graphics card, at least at some point. I would try this guide, it worked very well with me and should work with your MB. http://www.insanelym...howtopic=185097 As far as the HD, prices have recently gone through the roof, doubling in some cases. I probably would not pay extra for a 7200 rpm drive. If you want speed, an SSD (solid state drive) will cream a conventional HD for performance. The one disadvantage is that they are a lot more expensive for a lot less storage, but you can get a 60-90 gb SSD for around $100 or less and a $150-200 for a 120gb ssd. So that's something I'd look at in the future. Everything else is probably fine.
  10. Generic George

    The Useful idiot

    Wait was that a reasonable question? Er, ah. Hmmm. Not sure how to reply to a reasonable question from you that doesn't involve some sort of laughably insane comment or shows a complete and utter divorce from reality, total english language comprehension failure and generally some non-sequitur that strains my thesaurus to the point of near destruction, in an attempt to analogize your level of incomprehension. Well I guess if you're asking a reasonable question I'll give you a reasonable answer. I'd be a lot happier if he had realized a lot sooner that the republican definition of compromise was "You surrender unconditionally and do everything our way". He's given them way too much way too often. Apparently suffering from the belief that there are reasonable figures in the republican party who will actually bargain in good faith, trying to arrive at a real compromise. I was very pleased that he got at least some kind of national health care passed and the consumer protection bureau. Basically, I'd give him a C+, maybe a B depending on how things shake out by the end of his term. Dammed it! Suckered again. Actually, I was basically eager to not have a republican in office. I'd make a crack about how utterly you fail to comprehend the meaning of "warmonger", but oh hell it just isn't worth it any more. Just go watch "The Princess Bride" and imagine it's me telling you "You keep using that word. I do no think it means what you think it does". If you're referring to the US getting involved in the conflict in Libya. Well, I was extremely pleased to see the US backing a real genuine people's revolt against the kind of brutal, corrupt dictator, that the US has far too often backed simply because they said they were on our side. If that makes Obama and I a warmonger. Then it's a title I'll proudly wear and I would support any such further actions. An insult from a deranged, irrational nutjob like you is not something I'll loose sleep over. YOU lost. Well you've now added complete math illiteracy to your list of accomplishments. You reference a post made TWO YEARS AGO, in response to a post you made a year before that or THREE YEARS ago. I am glad to see you posting again. I've not gotten to exercise my snarky-ness nearly enough of late.
  11. Well the Nvidia 400 and I believe 500 series are supported natively under 10.7 (lion), but I'm not sure about the 200 series. I believe Nvidia uses a unified driver architecture, so it's worth a try certainly. Two things. You will probably need to set the PciRoot=1, at least I have needed to do so to get my 460 to work. Second you will also need to set the boot flag "npci=0x2000". ************************ In other news I have my hackintosh fully up and running under 10.7! Just redid things from scratch and it worked this time around. Might have been something to do with having installed plain 10.7 and then updated to 10.7.2 which went without a hitch and even installing Lion Server went without an issue! Thanks again DD for all your hard work on this over the years. Finally I think I may have FINALLY after about 3 years of trying gotten my Areca Raid card to work! Looks like it just didn't like the slot I was putting it in. I will have to swap positions with the graphics card probably (they're a bit close), but at last I should be able to use the mound of WD raptors I've just had sitting around! Got the RAID (8 x Raptors, might toss in 2 more) formatting now! One question if anyone can answer this. According to the MB manual for the GA-X58A-UD5, it should have x2 SATA III ports (6&7), but nothing seems to show up under sata devices. Now the MB is a 1.0, but the manual for both the 1.0 and rev 2 both say they should have them, which does seem fishy given the age of the MB. Is the manual in error?
  12. Well I'm glad to hear you are not doing it without taking precautions, it's just that I've not found WD drives to be all that reliable. So why are you you using raid 0? Frankly the performance increase you get out of using it has never struck me as being worth the time and hassle of rebuilding things if one of them dies. Well what you get with an SSD isn't simply a matter of throughput. You have essentially zero seek time, since there are no mechanical heads that have to wait for the disk to rotate into position. As a result they cream regular HDs for any sort of heavily randomized access or where lots of small files need to be loaded (Operating systems do tend to be one of them). You can quite literally get the performance of thousands of dollars of HD and expensive raid cards out of a single ssd.
  13. This kind of glitch usually tends to indicate that something is wrong with your graphics card. Typically as a result of over heating. You might want to check to make sure the fan is working properly and temps aren't too high in your case. Something is definitely wrong with your system. I would back up all of your data and re-do things from the bootloader and probably up to the kexts. RAID 0 is A VERY, VERY, VERY BAD IDEA!!!!! You should ONLY use RAID 0 for data do you NOT care about AT ALL. You are simply asking for trouble, because if you get a hickup with either drive you will most likely loose ALL of the data on BOTH drives. DO NOT USE RAID 0.
  14. I have two questions of my own which may or may not be related, but the first certainly makes the second much more difficult. I have a clean vanilla install of lion on a UD5 using DD's excellent guide. It has a Palit GeForce 460 GTX and it's working fine, both monitors are seen with a full range of resolutions, 3d was smooth as silk in the bio-shock. But I am getting these glitches where standard OSX interface elements like the three (red/yellow/green) dots in the upper left hand corner and window border elements are replaced with placeholders of some kind. I'm trying to show/attack some sort of a picture, but the board software is not cooperating. When I check the console logs, I'm seeing a constantly streaming list of errors saying basically "coreUI invalid artfile path". FWIW, there seems to be the same files/set up in the coreUI files/folders in the System/library/privateFrameworks/ on my MBP running 10.7.2. The second is that the networking is not working. It's defaulting to a 169.xxx.yyy.zzz IP address, which leads me to believe that it is not talking to the DHCP server in my router. I've tried setting it to a 192.168.1.xxx, but that doesn't seem to help. The placeholders are not making it easy to change things since they cover up a lot of what's in the dialog boxes and don't help with figuring out what's greyed out or not. The diagnostics are showing that the ethernet is working and the ISP light is green as well. The lights turn red when it gets to the internet and server Any suggestions or at least a plan of attack? FWIW, I have a 10.6.5 installation on another drive that has everything (graphics/monitors/networking/sound)working fine.
  15. Are you getting the PCI Root error message at boot time. I've got a Nvidia 460 in my hackintosh that has never worked properly without setting the PCI Root ID to 1 via <key>PciRoot</key> <string>1</string> in the boot.plist
  16. Generic George

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I have a clean vanilla install of lion on a gigabyte MB using Digital Dreamer's excellent guide. It has a Palit 460 and it's working fine, both monitors are seen with a full range of resolutions, 3d performance was smooth as silk in the bio-shock demo. But I am getting these wierd glitches where standard OSX interface elements like the three (red/yellow/green) dots in the upper left hand corner are replaced with placeholders of some kind. I'm trying to show some sort of a picture, but the board software is not cooperating. Any ideas what the problem is?
  17. Generic George

    One Israeli life for 1,077 Palestinian.

    If you want to make claims about valuing "the sanctity of life", this is not an example. Any government values the life of its citizens more than those of a different state that they are essentially at war with. That is part of the purpose of any decent government. This does not represent a belief in "the sanctity of life". Israel has many thousands of Palestinians in jail even after the swap, the Palestinians had the one soldier. It was always going to be lopsided. Israel has no problem killing bystanders in attacks on terrorist leaders. They do try to minimize the casualties, which is to their credit, but Israel is also answerable to western public opinion in a way the Palestinians are not. Western countries including the US wouldn't support Israel if they simply slaughtered civilians indiscriminately. Though, the right wing extremist factions in Israel would quite happily slaughter Palestinians if they had their way. Violence begets violence unfortunately.
  18. Generic George

    The Useful idiot

    Er. Pawn to King's three? Or is that Knight to Queen's 47. Oh right this isn't a sea mail correspondence chess game. It took you five months to think of this? Do you think you'll ever actually answer any of mine or that you would actually pay attention if I did? Can you even say what question I've failed to answer is? Ah, I must admit though, your posts always do always bring a smile to my face. They're so delightfully irrational and nonsensical. Well let me know when you get around to answering in 6 months or so.
  19. I've got a Sandisk cruzer 8gb stick I'm going to try an use sometime this week. Useful tip for anyone trying to make the install disk, but who did the installation first. The installer deletes it's self after installing. Unfortunately if you go to the app store there's no obvious option to re-DL it. So what you need to do is hold down the option key while you click on the "Purchased" tab. You'll then have the option to spend another hour to re-download it, which kinda sucks, but hey it wouldn't be Apple without wacky little quirks like this.
  20. Generic George

    Israel and Palestine

    You are kidding yourself if you think Iran is going to completely get rid of Islam, regardless of how corrupt and ineffectual the clerics running things are. Iran may well stop being an islamic republic, but Islam isn't going anywhere. Ironically for all of your flag waving and US bashing, if you did dump the fanatics in power, you'd actually drastically improve the relationship with the US. Yes, I'm sure you will crush the US forces, like you crushed Iraq's in the 80s. I mean look at how the US failed to overcome Saddam. Oh wait, sorry I have that reversed. You couldn't manage to beat Iraq back then, you were barely functioning at a WWI technology level and your military has only gotten weaker in the past 30 yrs. While Saddam was little more than a speed bump to US forces. National pride is a good thing, but I really hope you are just trolling and don't seriously believe Iran has got any chance vs the US military. You are an idiot if you really believe what you said. The US spends more on the military than most of the rest of the planet put together, we ARE the cutting edge of military technology and we've got more combat experience than anyone short of the Israelis and maybe even more than them now days. That is actually a good point and you really should pay more attention to what you are saying there, because it is also very relevant to your country. Yes, Iran WAS one of the great civilizations and military powers of the ancient world, but you've been a bad joke for the past couple of hundred years. You're only somewhat more impressive than the mongols are now. If it wasn't for oil, you'd be at about the same level as the mongols or afghans. Civilizations do decay and fall and your country has been doing that for a long time now. You might want to go and take a good hard long look in the mirror before you spend too much time patting yourself on the back for how great your country was... Sorry, you don't have any yet, remember the Stuxnet virus. You also need to work on your delivery systems, right now you are only a real threat to your neighbors.
  21. Generic George

    Israel and Palestine

    Alexander the Great, the Parthans, Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus, Temujin (Genghis Khan) and Tamurlane (Timur) telephoned to remind you that you are STILL a part of their empires. Every part of the world belonged to someone else, at some point in time. Iran is no exception. Let me know when you plan on submitting to Mongolia's rule. They've got as much claim to Iran as you do to anything on the Mediterranean sea coast.
  22. Generic George

    Israel and Palestine

    You said "course" in your initial post, that usually means it's something extensive and in depth. At collage the classes you take are referred to as "courses". They would typically have 2-5 hrs of class per week for several months. As a result course also tends to imply something with more than one part. So a "video course" might well consist of several half hour segments. If it is only 6 min long you should just refer to it as a video. You have not explained why it's worth spending even 6 minutes to watch it though. Knowing it's by Prager, makes me less inclined to watch it since he has shown himself to be a demagogue and that he deliberately tells lies.
  23. Generic George

    Israel and Palestine

    So why exactly do you think a right wing nut job who threw a hissy fit because a muslim member of congress was sworn in using a Koran instead of a Bible, has something useful to say about this issue? <Edit> Actually to amplify just how nutty this guy is, it was basically a publicity foto op that he got his knickers in a twist about. After all there IS NO bible used for swearing in congress people, since as numerous people have pointed out the US Constitution specifically forbids any sort of religious test for office, so there is no requirement that a bible or any other religious text be used. <end Edit> I mean it's not exactly a mystery why it's been an intractable problem to anyone who's been paying attention for the past 60 odd years and guys like Prager are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Perhaps you could also try telling us what is in the videos for those of us who don't care to waste a couple hours of our life on your say so.
  24. Generic George

    The Useful idiot

    I couldn't find any crayon drawings suitable to explain things. But try these pictures. I'd have asked why you seem to think anyone around here worships Obama (he's a big improvement over the shrub, but Obamagod???). However your complete and utter inability to comprehend the written english language, means that it would be a pointless endeavor to do so. What is it with you truthers? How can you possibly be this incapable of comprehending simple sentences?
  25. Generic George

    Bin ladin Dead

    Good. Would have liked to have seen him put on trial and thrown in a hole for the rest of his life, but I never thought it was ever going to happen. He wasn't exactly someone you could expect to just surrender. So, now he's going to be a martyr, but that was pretty much inevitable. Unfortunately, it isn't going to change anything. We've killed a least a dozen of the 2nd and 3rd in commands of Al'Quaeda over the past decade and it didn't change anything. This isn't going to either. I'll bet the conservatives in the US will just give all the credit to Bush though. Ironic when you consider that Bush's diverting resources to the Iraq invasion, most likely enabled Bin Laudin to escape Afghanistan.