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  1. NV darwin ? I have an MSI 8400 GS 512 and no QE CI, where did you get the necessary drivers please ? try to put a link as it will help and we are here to share. thanks
  2. benzine

    [Solution] ICH10 [IDE Mode] SATA Kext

    perfect !!! now I can see all my drives on Dell Studio 540, with nVidia 9400 GT Dvd mounts, everything works except audio HD still have to dig for a solution thousand thanks
  3. benzine

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    THOUSAND THANKS I used GFX utils, generated a 9400 GT hex profile then copied with Terminal, used cd until I was in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration then sudo nano com.apple.Boot.plist then edited pasted the hex values in the string tag. <key>device-properties</key> <string>paste the EFI-string here</string> with osx86tools I cleared kext cache and repaired permissions on reboot voila dual screen on dvi-i + db15(vga) perfeeeeect my 9400 GT is on the rails, it works Dell Studio 540 MT, originally with ATI 3450 HD HD Audio RealTek ALC888 rev A02 2 Gigs DDR2 800 Intel quad Q6600 Sata only(booting osx from USB on AC Ryan Usb 2 box) replaced Network card by a 3COM 905 one Works perfect now only missing sound ALC 888 Rev A02 and no way to get it working Thousand Thanks for the Video drivers Get even better than a tied mac get a free hackintosh