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  1. OK I downloaded the above version and it installed fine up until reboot. After it reboots my motherboard freezes at the post screen. This happened on three different Hard drives one of whioch I was about to send back to Hitachi. The only way my computer would not freeze at post was to take the drives out and put in a drive that had nothing to do with the Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1] installation. I'd like to point out that there is nothing wrong with my PC. I've juswt saved my drives by booting up with the Drive Fitness Test floppy and attaching the drives while the PC was on and then scanning the busses with DFT which then can test the drives (they all were fine) and erase them. The second drive instead of erasing it I just erased the MBR and hey presto my motherboard would get past the post screen and act normal again. So my question is: What is this installation writing to the Master Boot Record that is not allowing my PC to get past the post screen?. Is this a bad version to be using, is there a better one I should try? Hope you can help me out cheers parkie
  2. m-audio audiophile 24/96 and 10.4.5

    they now have drivers for version 10.4.5, they were added on the 21st of march, anyone tried them yet? I'll give them a go later!! p
  3. Can't seem to get this combination to work, I was hoping to try some music making mac style but the drivers don't work. Is it because they haven't written drivers for the Intel macs yet? The drivers I used were for 10.4.4. Is it likely that it will work in the future when M-audio starts supporting the Intel version? cheers p
  4. Darwin image burning problems

    now sorted, used imgburn, worked first time!! Nero sucks sometimes p
  5. Darwin image burning problems

    tried that, now running the newest version and still the same. gonna download again. Anyone know what this is about? cheers p
  6. Darwin image burning problems

    nero just says 'generating relocation information' and does nothing. then freezes up and has to be given the three fingered salute (ctrl, alt and del). I used winrar to get the .iso out of the archive. Don't know what else to do really, any suggestions? cheers p