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  1. djeglin

    FlightGear for OSX

    Hi guys... I just found an open-source flight simulator called FlightGear (www.flightgear.org), and tried to run it on my hackintosh. Now, sometimes it just about gets past the loading screen after i set my options, and renders the initial picture and plays an engine sound for a couple of seconds before crashing and quitting, but most of the time it quits on the loading screen. The app is supposed to be UniBin... I have tried it in normal and rosetta modes to no avail. Anyone had any better experiences with this, or could anyone be of any help? My spec is below if you're interested. Thanks David
  2. djeglin


    I've spent the last 4 years working as a graphic and web designer... I've always headed up smallish agencies, so unless we have database driven stuff to get done (which gets handed to a web developer) then we do it allourselves. Design in our place is split between Photoshop (well, fireworks for interface design in my case... a much faster an more efficient workflow, and it's not such bloatware as PS) and then using either textmate or Dreamweaver to build the sites. We don't use DW in graphical mode... But we do use is cause it can do some handy things if you need it to. Its asset management if you have a large site with lots of content is very good, and once you have a back end built for a database driven site it is handy to be able to hook into it from your development platform to check how everything works with your pages. I'm also a huge fan of some of the new stuff DW8 does... Like the collapsible code feature... Which is brilliant for making a fist full of code easier to navigate. Also, the templates and optinal regions features are handy, to be able to set up a master page and only have to edit content, and have DW do all the hard work of re-linking pages and images etc, is a massive timesaver.
  3. djeglin

    Quicktime and .m2v, no audio problem

    The problem here is that Quicktime has always been really arsey about what it will and wont play. If its not strictly compliant to the official definition of what streams should be used in a container file, it wont have it. I had this problem trying to play certain things too. First thing i would try is changing that extension from m2v to mpg. The m2v extension means MPEG 2 Video, and as far as i know, shouldnt strictly speaking have audio muxed in. If that don't do it... then i think you're going to have trouble i'm afraid. On the plus side, there are alternatives to FrontRow that might work...
  4. djeglin

    Colour banding

    Anyone got any closer to figuring this out yet? Nothing seems to have been posted in quite some time, and I'm anxious to get my Apple Cinema display running to its full potential Any help much appreciated. Cheers David
  5. djeglin

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Dont know if this is anything to be proud of yet... but my computer scored 41.7 P4 HT 3.4 Ghz 1 Gb (2x512) RAM ATI Radeon x600 256Mb Cheers xbench_100606.txt
  6. Hi all! Just finally decided to upgrade to 10.4.4... after much persuasion, i got my audio to work again, and i thought all was well... However then i found that i had lost QE & CI support for my ATi x600 graphics card... It was working perfectly well before under 10.4.3, albeit with some artefacting, which seems to have gone away... but i need QE & CI support for some of the apps i use. I tried just re-installing omni's driver but it didnt work. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, David
  7. djeglin

    Quake 4 unibin

    I'm havng problems here, too. Installed the1.2 unibin update, and then the patch, tried to run, and then it hangs and kernel panics after trying to start a new game... seems to be after the intro movie. Cant work out why, seeing as everything else seems to work ok if its unibin.. although openGL apps like Keynote seem to cause mouse tearng still... but they run ok... Anyone got any ideas? I'll post my specs below: Intel P4 HT 3.4 Ghz (SSE 3) MS 7046 motherboard 1GB (2x512) ram 2x SATA Maxtor 200gb HDDs AC97 onboard audio (so no sound in Q4 anyway) ATi Radeon x600 256MB PCI-E graphics - QE & CI supported VIARhine network Running Maxxuss' 10.4.3 patched OSX86 Any ideas? Would appreciate the help. Cheers.
  8. djeglin

    a quick (and maybe stupid) question...

    Thanks guys, zu1u: I think "unexpected results" are what bother me... for now, almost everything seems to work, and work pretty well. I think as long as I'm not missing out on major updates then I'll likely leave it. Cheers, David
  9. Hi guys, Ok, so I downloaded and installed 10.4.3 a while back... Tried 10.4.4 but to no joy (things were worse than on 10.4.3 in terms of driver support etc). Now that I have done the ATI graphics patch to get it running at the 1680x1050 that it should be, and have installed the VIA Rhine driver, I have a system that seems to work pretty well on the whole. The only problems that I can see are the 16bit colour banding that seems to be going on with the DVI port for some reason, and the display screwing completely after some (Presumably OpenGL) apps, such as viewing a presentation created in Apple Keynote. Asides from these problems, which I havent seen a cure for yet... Everything seems to work pretty well (All I need is ShapeShifter to go UB and I'll be so happy!) So, with this in mind... If I havent found anything to be particularly unreliable on this 10.4.3 system... Is there any point in me trying to upgrade to 10.4.4, 10.4.5 and beyond? Obviously, once 10.5 comes along and someone has trawled through it to get it working, then I'll jump on it... But for these minor updates... Is there any point? Please let me know if I'm missing out on things in the newer versions, or if there are real reasons to update... I just want to know if I should be getting a hold of the latest versions or not. Cheers, David
  10. djeglin

    Cant install Myz.iso on my PC

    Sounds like maybe something in your SATA configuration isnt playing ball man... I would take a look at the drives and make sure that any jumper settings that may or may not be there are set as well... if they are both on their own cables then you'll be looking at setting them both to "Master"... If that doesnt work, check your BIOS settings... It may be something in the SATA settings in there... I'm not entirely sure what, maybe if you continue having problems you can drom me an MSN message and I'll see if I can think of anything. (Shame I cant get any network service in my OSX machine... means I still have to use my Windows PC most of the time, as I need the internet for research and client management!) My MSN should be in my profile. Might talk to you soon. David
  11. djeglin

    Cant install Myz.iso on my PC

    Hi guys... There seem to be a bunch of questions around at the moment about this... I foud the problem with mine was all in the jumper settings on the DVD drive i was installing off. Basically, in my experience, OSX installer cant handle drives being set to "Auto"... Needs them to be properly set to "Master" or "Slave", and to be plugged in to the corresponding connection on the IDE cable. Try that out. Hope it works. Oh... Out of interest... KoL... Are you the very same that hangs around Aqua-Soft? If so... Greetings, friend! I am o0o The DEEJ o0o, from times past there David
  12. I just posted a similar answer in the install forum for someone.. I had this problem and it turned out to be as simple as the jumper settings on the dvd drive. I think it has to be set to "Master" for the install to boot off it, or at least to one or the other... As far as I can tell, "Auto" does not work (When mine was set to "Auto" I had the same problem as you, once i switched the jumper on the back of the drive to "Master", it worked just fine!) Hope this helps, Cheers Dave
  13. djeglin

    Problem with installation

    I had this problem with my install of 10.4.3 - It is the same no matter what version you use. This problem comes from the jumper settings on your dvd drive usually (At least it did on mine, and has on others' too). You may find that your drives jumpers are set to "auto" or some similar. You need to make sure they are set to "Matster" for the install to work off the drive i think. It worked in my case... I hope it works for you, too. Cheers David
  14. djeglin

    Iwork installation doesn´t work

    Same here... installed iWork 06 last night and all went according to plan. Only idea i have is maybe your install image is corrupt in some way?
  15. djeglin

    N00b needs some install help

    Right - The graphics thing i did some research on and found the com.apple.boot.plist workaround... shame i cant set a widescreen resolution but never mind, i guess i'll live. Now then... I have been unable to find anything on the Creatix wireless adapter for OSX x86... If anyone feels they might be able to help out on this please get in touch Just a shame it seems the work on the Via Rhine network drivers has ground to a halt. I have no idea what chipset the Creatix wireless is based on, only that it is 802.11 G standard. Incidentally, everything enle is working a treat... Got the divx for Mac beta 2 which works fine and is playing my xvid movie backups with no problems, the DVD player works well (and even has the zoom function which means i can correct the AR for the widescreen display), and i have managed to install a couple of other apps that i thought might be useful... Cheers for the help, and I hope i hear something on the wireless adaptor soon Dave