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  1. Anyone using ATI RX4x0 cards with this board under Sierra? I've been using an nVidia 650Ti for a couple years and it is starting to show its age. Given that nVidia has official drivers for the 10x0 series of cards it would seem that going that way has fewer speedbumps, but I wanted to know if anyone has experience with recent ATI cards.
  2. Hey, guys, thanks a bunch. I have successfully updated to Sierra. Didn't even need to update my Defaults.plist. Although something odd happened. On first boot, the color palette of my display was all messed up. The Nvidia control panel said I was using the native OS X driver. Switching to the Nvidia driver resolved the issue. Also, sound was disabled (no device found) on first boot, but a reboot cleared that up. @IronManJFF - you mentioned an SSDT to enable Ivy Bridge power management. What's the side effect of not having that? I assume the processor doesn't use all the power saving states it should.
  3. I see you're getting the exact same message about AppleACPICPU that I get. In some ways that is comforting, as I hadn't heard anyone else reporting it. I'm not using any SSDT, and I'm trying to run the install from a USB installer, not the downloaded one. I am able to boot to recovery however. It is thought that FakeSMC is not getting loaded, which would happen if SIP is not disabled, but in my case, it is. I can see in the installer console before it scrolls off that it is trying to load FakeSMC, and fails. If you come across a solution, I'd be happy to hear it.
  4. Booted to single user mode, when I ran csrutil disable, it said it could only run from Recovery mode. Booted to recovery mode, ran it and rebooted. To answer your questions, this is what I have for my working El Capitan install: 1. Updated to reflect that I updated to the BIOS posted by elviejo in post 3143. 2. Single monitor now, connected to the mini HDMI port on the 650Ti video card 3. Defaults.plist: 4. Empty 5. Attached screenshot 6.
  5. Holding 'S' and restart did nothing. I could boot to recovery and ran the above commands, but that didn't seem to help. Got the same messages, and after that I've been looking at the grey screen with beachball for about 40 minutes now. I just don't get what's going on here. If I'm running 10.11, I must have SIP disabled, right?
  6. I don't think SIP is the issue, but I think you are right about FakeSMC. I thought it was part of Ozmosis? Unless it is somehow disabled. I'm not sure how to check, or force it on.
  7. You say you're booting to the USB drive, but where is the EFI partition? If it is on your SSD, how is it being read? BTW, I've described my tale of woe above. I can get mine to boot to the USB, and I got past the grey screen that you were seeing. To get past that, you have to make sure the SIP is disabled. However, I can't get past the following message in the console: error: busy timeout[0], (240s) kexts wait(0): 'AppleACPICPU'. If someone can figure that one out, I'd appreciate it. Something with the BIOS maybe, any thoughts?
  8. So, booted into Recovery and set csrutility disable. Also set rootless=0 in my boot flags on my Sierra install USB. Still hangs after the error code regarding ACPI at the Apple logo and the progress bar never moves, and I get the beachball of doom. I'm beginning to think that El Capitan is the end of the line for me.
  9. I expected it to be injected, but perhaps it is disabled? Is there a parameter I can check? It is not in EFI. I'm looking at https://github.com/tuxuser/OzmosisBIOS
  10. I was able to remove the boot flag by editing the Default.plist and resetting the PRAM, but it has not resolved the problem with the slow boot and hang after the error message. The little I've been able to find about the message has always been in association with FakeSMC. As for making the stick, I used the command line instructions from here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372
  11. Ok, so my original attempt to install Sierra was not from USB, but from the downloaded installer. But I was able to recover using Time Machine, and I'm trying again using a USB stick, with the Boot.plist modified as you said. When it boots however, I can see it has a number of other boot flags, including -nvda_drv=1, which seems to be at cross purposes to nv_disable=1. Booting from the stick is really slow, and after hanging at the following message for about 10 minutes: error: busy timeout[0], (240s) kexts wait(0): 'AppleACPICPU' I get the Apple logo boot screen, but the progress bar never moves.
  12. I'll have to try that once I get it booting again. Tried updating to Sierra and it appears pretty hosed. Run the installer, and at reboot the console shows a lot of errors, then hangs at a gray screen. I did a backup immediately before installing, so I've got that to return to.
  13. There definitely was some weirdness going on, as it also wouldn't load the Defaults.plist I created, where I had DisableVoodooHDA set to false. I reverted back to my previous BIOS, then flashed the new one. I had to re-enable VoodooHDA in NVRAM and all is working now, including properly loading my Defaults.plist. I'm backing up my system before I upgrade to Sierra, but I'm expecting it should go OK now.
  14. Tosk, I updated to your BIOS, and I can download Sierra now, and all is fine, except I lost sound. Not sure how to get it back. Suggestions?
  15. Hmm. As has been said on Mythbusters: "Well, there's your problem". I don't seem to have one. Should be in /efi/efi/oz on the boot device, correct?