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  1. Not trying to be difficult but rather to learn. Can you please elaborate on why you want to use gptsync? I am using the chain method on two different drives, really simple and working (see my earlier post) Is it because of the EFI partition? Edit: I found the way I used to make it work, works for two or single disk systems http://maconpc.distinctlyjordan.com/2008/0...xp-and-leopard/
  2. I am no genius in the mac world but I achieved a very simple dual boot with XP and hackintosh after some google searching. Can't remember exactly how but do remember it can be done either on different drives (my setup) or one drive with different partitions. A simple edit of the XP boot config file (boot.ini) and copying a chain loader file to XP disk/partition. I think google something like "chain dual boot leopard xp" should find it. I am real noob to mac scene so maybe I miss the point or the EFI partition is why you all concerned with dual booting but was quite simple for me. Actually not sure how this munky way will affect my dual boot setup which is the only reason I have not yet tried it and why I am waiting for the whole Chameleon, Voodoo 9.5, Leopard Retail way to be GUI/Wizard driven. Anyway, hope this was of some help for someone.... Edit: Here found something very similar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqYMonfAniU
  3. Not sure about NVidia cards but do know that the 8800GTS does work. Have seen a couple of how to before. Here are drivers (link) for the ATi screen cards. Be sure to remove any other kexts before trying something new and remember permissions. I have learned this the hard way.... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107526
  4. Now thats what I would like to have!!! Sure a lot of people would want to do it the tinkering way, but I promise I will not stop them Tired of tinkering, will if it's the only way of getting Mac but I sure do prefer the automated way! Even scripts would be nice... Running iDeneb 10.5.4 currently and would definitely prefer running a Retail and fully updatable version but was not looking forward to all the hacking since I am still noob in the Mac scene. Cant wait... Munky; any (estimated) time frame on that? I would really appreciate some help/advice here. Have an Asus PIV m notebook that I really want to make Mac even if I have to go the Hackintosh route. The problem: Has a CD Rom drive (bootable) Have stuck a DVD in it but then no longer bootable as Bios do not recognize it but OS (Windowz) does recognize it. No BIOS update available. Not USB bootable except for usb FDD (do not have one) Any way I can stick the Hdd into a usb chassis and copy something onto it, then sticking it back into the notebook and installing from the hdd? I would really appreciate some help....
  5. Thnx Nick14, I see u tried a M CPU with success.
  6. Thnx munky, will give it a shot and report back. I am still waiting for my Retail Leopard though but will attempt the patched ones so long
  7. Hope there's someone that can help.... I have an Asus M2400E notebook with a PIV 1.8GHz m CPU (SSE2) and SiS chipset, SiS 7012 sound, SiS 900 PCI NIC, and SiS M650_651_650_740 (whatever that means) AGP 4x graphics adapter. A very nice and nippy old notebook, any chance I can use this for OS X? Only reason I ask is because it is a SiS chipset & graphics and the Bios does not recognize the DVD I installed at bootup and therefore I cannot boot from DVD, also the Bios cannot boot from USB unless in FDD mode which means I will have to try some tricks to install and do not want to go through the effort if it is already (maybe) a well known fact that SiS will not work even with Boot 132.
  8. Nick14; aquamac helped me a lot at http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...=528&page=2
  9. Aha! Now I understand, thank you so much. I suppose DFE is then more or less the same, maybe you can make sense of this munky; http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...496&page=22 If it is in line with your idea maybe STLVNUB can help with the sound kext problem...... I am really excited about Boot 132, can't wait until it's done
  10. Thank you for the explanation, got it. I think that is a great idea and I would love to use Mac OS on hackintosh due to flexibility and upgradability even though I wouldn't mind paying for the OS license. I appreciate your efforts. I just need to understand; so the files remain on Boot 132 partition and OS will get it there when needed or do OS X load everything into memory at once? I suppose some files/references on the OS do get changed to know where the required files are? I am really not trying to be difficult, just trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can from the masters of MAC. Care to tell me what DFE does, isn't it similar to Boot 132?
  11. Thank you 3Dman, feel a bit less stupid now Wouldn't a restore function as an option at boot time be nice then? A little app where you can choose to restore some files (such as sound kext) from boot partition and depending on the choice the relevant plist files get updated as well. So basically anything that is not vanilla and thus whenever you update you are still safe. Don't know, just a thought.... Actually hoping you all think it's a dumb idea so that nothing (like extra development time) delays the release of the final product
  12. Someone please explain to the newb What does actually get loaded from boot partition? kernel and extensions right? So how come it can't work for audio or any other driver (screen card maybe) for that matter since they also in extensions? Kindly explain please, I need to understand this.....
  13. Thank you very much, will start the download
  14. Understood :-( Kindly point us into the right direction of which retail to download so long. I see u get 4GB versions and 6GB versions etc. Bandwidth very limited and slow in South Africa. Want to start the download so long. Will buy 5 pack Leopard license for the family once have a working installation. Surely this will work with Snow Leopard as well? Anyone know the release date?
  15. Yes please!!! I second that request, c'mon guys (and gals) help us newbs migrate from the Windowz world.... We might be newbies at Mac but once we get up to speed, I assure you, we can add some serious value....