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  1. I am having problem to compile my DSDT (in a file) for laptop above. Can anyone guide me or help how to compile that DSDT or how to make it better , make work brightness, sleep audio, rtc... Archive.zip
  2. Does not work. System often freeze, Port disappear after couple of minutes...
  3. does this work for conexant ?
  4. does this work for conexant ?
  5. CI/QE with Nvidia 7600GO EFI String + 10.5.4/10.5.5

    how can i find nvidia 7600 go efi strings Device ID: 0x0398 Revision ID: 0x00a1
  6. how to make ? It would do a lot fuster boot than DVD ? is badaxe 2 beter for osx86 than the Asus compatible one ? i have restored retail DVD on USB stick 8gb. but i don know how to make it bootable ? what should i do ? it would be a nice thing to make it btw can i make any other cd or dvd bootable like boot dvd for idefrag ?
  7. The Hackintosh: Delivered

    i am not Psy... fan but i don think thay stole netkas Code. Netkas did not write PC EFI by himself, it is an effort of many users. Second, netkas has not made his EULA or his statemant until, he saw that he could earn some money. I respect his work, he continue to lead OSX86, but all OSX86 work has been made by entire community, not just Netkas. We all made same sort of effort contributing to all this what we have acchived. Esspacialy Maxxuss I think Apple should legalize OSX on PC, it is possible, And he could earn some monney. Sorry for English.
  8. BAD AXE 2 Sound

    Anyone ?
  9. BAD AXE 2 Sound

    Has anyone got his sound card work with osx86. It has inbuilt 7.1 . Using Taruga patch i can not just get working. It is so nice motherboard awrything is working just fine. And i can not just to make work sound. I realy need onboard 5.1.

    Well since i reported this problem in the first place, here is the second problemIt is called GMA 900 Leopard.It is well known that gma 950 is the enhanced version of gma 900, & the driver built in macs is using the sam phisiology. Problem is that when we use OpenGL framework & Bundle we get error or half working gmaMy appionion is that we culd path those bundles & frameworks withouth touching gma950 drivers or IntelIntegratedframebuffer.kextSorry for the BAD ENGLISH

    i know becouse powermanagment is in use with display option and Quartz video. i tryed with 3 diffrent SSE2 computer & sse2 laptop.

    Problem is do not use theese files with a powermanagment.bundle main to use for tiger & Laptops. It gives u a blank screen. Can you elaborate your work, how & what have you patched ? or are you fooling us ? THX. keep up the good work.
  13. Were Back !

    So, since netkas has made all the job, i dont think we do not need this project, anyway it never made a true results. Is there