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  1. P5K-E WiFi - AD1988B sound not working

    Hi there! Taruga_AD1988b_rev4 (from here) worked fine for me (see my signature) with retail install. maybe it does not for you because: What install method did you use? Maybe you should try a new "clear" installation (or if you patient enough, you'll figure out what superfluous extention do you have)?Also with kalyway distro sound worked as said "out of the box". But I should mention about shutdown problem (fans remain spining) with that "out of the box" sound... In retail installation with Taruga_AD1988b_rev4_Installer sound works simultaneously with proper shutdown. good luck!
  2. том как /users

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=144411сам пробовал, не получилось, но только по моей вине - с первого раза не смонтировал том где нужно было, и система подхватила user.bak папку, а после, хоть и монтировался том в /Users, но система его почему-то игнорила. После я ось переустанавливал и так и не довел дело до конца. Если сам сможешь напиши. PS да и чуть не забыл, активировать root user-а как там написано не получилось (как я понял, то что там написано это для MacOSX Server) я делал так: How to enable the root user Mac OS X 10.5 or later From the Finder's Go menu, choose Utilities. Open Directory Utility. Click the lock in the Directory Utility window. Enter an administrator account name and password, then click OK. Choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu. Enter the root password you wish to use in both the Password and Verify fields, then click OK.
  3. Asus P5QC Bios Info!

    I'm not sure about specifically your P5QC MB. Here is set up for my ASUS P5K-E WIFI/AP: Set HDD-controllers to AHCI mode, POWERSTATE=S3 Processor: Enable APIC2.0, Disable SPEEDSTEP, Disable C1E, Enable VT and XT(it is in "advanced" section) I hope it is in general the same for you. I think disc will not be bootable if you just burn ZIP file on it, don't you agree? ; ) What's inside? if ISO file just extract it and burn iso. But Here is what the content of ISO should look like: if you see something like this, I'm not sure what to do: try to burn content (I don't believe it works/possible) or change extention to ISO manualy? Or maybe you got DMG file? if so check this forum I saw somewhere smthn about "how to" manage DMG from Windows. Best decision is to try download an image file somewhere else, if you have no problems with traffic. cheers!