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  1. iam instal ideneb 10.5.5 and driver( 9f33) for x1950gt (7288) ----- kernel panic instal driver (Post #1402) --- ok QE-enable! but OpenGL dont working screen after effect cs3 : help me please!!! Attached thumbnail(s) Reduced 42% 320 x 343 (30.5K) Reduced 68% 616 x 555 (50.82K)
  2. iam instal ideneb 10.5.5 and driver( 9f33) for x1950gt (7288) ----- kernel panic instal driver (Post #1402) --- ok QE-enable! but OpenGL dont working screen after effect cs3 : help me please!!!
  3. HI! Tell please, these drivers ("8.05.2008 The driver for Leopard 10.5.2(9c7010) for 7280 and 7288 !!! : http://rapidshare.com/files/113364132/X195..._5_2-9c7010.zip update !") new? After installation video drivers does not work OpenGL and Quartz Extreme. whots problem? (kalyway 10.5.2, radeon x1950gt 256mb (7288)) Help me please!
  4. mixx85

    fideo films disappeared

    Thank you! Now all is fine. I have allready done it. Reinstal Leopard.
  5. mixx85


    они зпработали, правда с глюками
  6. Help please. An image to view of fideo films disappeared for me. Tried 3 different videos of record player, the codec of Divx, overloaded, does not help. The logotype of apple disappeared with overhead ponel'ki, and it became transparent.
  7. Звук работал.... поставил 2 проигрывателя и divx кодек, посмотрел фильм, после перезагрузки пропал звук... в системе висит, в програмках тоже его показывает... а звука вообще нету... в чем проблема может быть?
  8. mixx85


    очень жаль, надо узнать у кого онихостились, чтобы узнать причину...
  9. mixx85

    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Please, the help is necessary to me. I have mobo m2n-e sli in it have a network card lan nvidia (attansic f1). Help please, I want that she has earned... Is also d-link dfe-520tx which too does not wish to work where to take drivers/
  10. nd what to do with a network? It turns out nothing
  11. у иеня было тоже самое... поставил неправильный драйвер на сеть... у вас мать m2n-e sli? до сих пор не могу завести сеть... ни интегрированную ни d-link dfe-520tx может посоветуете...
  12. mixx85

    attansic f1 and D-link dfe-520tx

    Have advised the driver viarhine.tar.gz. Has put viarhine.tar.gz has rebooted, I come into options of a network to me gives out that has found out the device. I start to fill options and Mac hangs. And after reboot does not join... I so have understood swears on the driver. It is necessary in 5th time for 2 days to reinstall In what a problem?
  13. ставлю себе каливей 10.5.2 на: Мать M2N-E SLI(lan nvidia (attansic f1), sound cm6501) Amd Athlon 4200+ Radeon x1950 GT ddr2 2048 mb hdd sata 250gb hdd ata 120gb - собственно сюда и ставил dvd nec ata картридер нонэйм тоже сам заработал. 1. при установки выдавал ошибку на 1394, отключил в биосе и все заработало 2. ставлю, дрова по дефолту+дрова на видео 3. поставился, работает. звук опредиляется как PnP usb audio 4. дрова на сеть интегрированную так и не нашел, покапался с кладовке и нашел еще сетевушку d-link dfe-520tx поставил дрова viarhin и все заработало. теперь сижу и любуюсь.
  14. With creative x-fi have already understood, it will not turn out to connect it, and with cm6501?
  15. Hello. At me such problem, drivers for mine hakintosh are necessary to me. lan nvidia (attansic f1) integr. in mb m2n-e sli or D-link dfe-520tx Help please, without an Internet it is impossible to work.