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    [Apple EFI] FAT Binaries re-introduced at some point.

    Well, Andy hinted that he's been working with Mac OS on ARM some time ago, so these ARM rumours may have at least some basis.
  2. Huckleberry Pie

    Any updates with running OS X on low-end tabs?

    Theoretically a touchscreen kext can be made as sources and microcode for certain controllers like the GSL1680 are available on Github, but other than that, we're basically wading on uncharted territory.
  3. I know there isn't much news regarding tablet support apart from Surfaces, but has anyone tried running OS X on a cheapo Windows 8/10 tab lately? It would be preferable if the likes of Yosemite or El Cap would work on said devices, but any recent version may do provided there are kexts or other such tweaks for those. The reason why I asked is because a friend of mine recently expressed his interest in trying out the OS on a cheap, low-end device, but is more or less unsure on where to start.
  4. Try removing the AptioFix driver and see if you could get past that screen.
  5. You don't even need to go for Tony's tools just to get your NUC to work. Like at all. Just download OS X from a virtual machine or a friend's Mac, use the Clover installer to make an install USB for you, and try to install it on your device. Preferably you should boot it on -v so you can see what's wrong when the system gets stuck.
  6. A list of supported WLAN adapters can be found here: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2120-inventory-of-supported-and-unsupported-wireless-cards/ And if you have the scratch you might as well want to order an adapter at osxwifi.com - the good news being they sell genuine Apple wireless cards which should work OOB on your NUC.
  7. Alright, here are the files you requested: CLOVER.zip http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/vpd9e8UJ/file.html ioregdump.ioreg http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/D365utey/file.html panic.txt http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/12gwTBia/file.html
  8. Huckleberry Pie

    El Capitan, well, sort of...

    This is exactly why I don't use contact lenses lol. I could very easily ruin my eyeballs in the process either by haphazardly putting them on my eyes or forget to remove them in time.
  9. Huckleberry Pie

    El Capitan, well, sort of...

    Wonder if this would work on my rig xD
  10. I know there's more than one way to do an ioreg dump, but can you show me one which you prefer?
  11. Figures. My rig's more or less stable, but for some reason I end up getting KPs unless I boot with -v. My /System folder is pretty much untouched save for the web drivers. You think a hacked kernel would do the trick for this?
  12. Huckleberry Pie

    macOS Sierra & New Gatekeeper

    Not a big surprise considering how macOS has recently been likened to iOS when it comes to devolving into a locked down walled garden. :/
  13. So here's a bit of a strange problem I observed with my G3258 hack. For some reason, I seem to be able to boot normally with verbose enabled, but if I don't use the -v flag, I almost always get KPs either at the loading screen, or while I'm using the PC just after El Cap has loaded. Tried generating SSDTs and all that, and cleared my kernel cache, but still no dice. I am running El Cap 10.11.5 on an ASUS H81M-D (BIOS version 2204), a stock clocked G3258, 8GB of Kingston DDR3 RAM, and a Palit-branded GeForce GTX 750 using the latest Nvidia web drivers. Oh, and here are the links to my Clover folder and a slightly older config.plist, if it helps: CLOVER.zip http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/Fk2fj7rx/file.html config.plist http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/4PjFQYxM/file.html
  14. Huckleberry Pie

    El Capitan, well, sort of...

    As we all know with Mortal Kombat, for one.
  15. Huckleberry Pie

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    How hardened is the OS so far? I assume Apple will further lock things down especially in the GM release. Still I hope it wouldn't be that draconian.
  16. Huckleberry Pie

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    OK, so I downloaded a known clean, untouched 10.11.5 AppleHDA kext and removed the patch lines off my Clover config, and I can safely say that AppleALC does a 'swell job without anything else other than a simple layout-id edit.
  17. The -c argument appears to have been replaced with -cpus. Also, when I generated my SSDT I get this on the terminal: "Number logical CPU's: 4 (Core Frequency: 3200 MHz)" Would that cause any issues considering that the G3258 only has two physical cores and no Hyperthreading?
  18. Huckleberry Pie

    nVIDIA Pascal: Hackintosh Edition

    Pretty much doubt that this would run on the current web drivers, not unless if Nvidia would issue an update.
  19. Huckleberry Pie

    The native version of Grand Theft Auto III is coming to Mac

    Been waiting for this since the late 2000s, and I'm glad this project seems to be pushing through. Now if only they'll add support for VC and SA it'll be golden!
  20. Huckleberry Pie

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    How can I revert from the script I used then, so I'll be able to test AppleALC?
  21. Huckleberry Pie

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    So this basically replaces Pier-Alpha and Toleda's script-based patches, right? Sure, it doesn't touch anything in S/L/E, but it would be golden to have a drop-in kext.
  22. Title says all. YouTube seems fine, but I am having trouble with getting 1080p videos to play on both VLC and QuickTime. I did the install right (or so I think), yet this is bugging me for a while considering that the web drivers are loaded and the GUI seems fine. Same goes for Firefox being a complete arse as it tends to chug every so often especially on complex pages like Facebook. Any ideas on how to at least mitigate this issue? I've also attached a Clover config.plist in case that helps. config.txt
  23. Huckleberry Pie

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    The audio_cloverALC-110.command.zip works flawlessly on my H81M-D system, thanks!
  24. Could've gave you one if only I had a spare rig for you to test.