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  1. Is iWork'10 released? I'll check it out and report back my findings. I installed Win7 Ultimate on my laptop and the aero theme works properly. The GMA4500MHD is fully functional in windows.
  2. I find it hard to believe a word processing package, such as Pages'09, has a dependency on 3D gfx support of the video hardware!!! So now I guess I'll use Star Office or MS Office as usual. The idea behind me setting up my laptop as a hackintosh was so I could try Apple's offerings on a 'try before you buy' test. I cannot try the trial iWork package so I'm none the wiser. I wonder if iWork'10 resolves the issue..?
  3. Did you ever fix this problem because I have the problem too? Thanks.
  4. The VoodooHDA.kext worked on my HP G70-111EM laptop too. Even my HDMI output is recognised although I've not tested it yet.
  5. Hi, I have installed vanilla SL on my laptop using the Empire EFI v1.085 (chameleon) CD and as far as I can tell 90% of what should work is working. This includes the battery charging status and the icon in the menu bar. However, I want to boot from my hard disk not from the Empire EFI boot CD so I used myHack 1.1.4 to install the boot loader. This works up to a point but now the battery isn't recognised and a few other nice bits are now gone. How do I install the EXACT settings that the Empire EFI boot CD uses to my hard disk please? I hope someone can help. I have searched lots of forums but have not found a conclusive answer which is why I am now asking. Many thanks.
  6. I had the same problem because my laptop also came with Win7 installed. Go to the kexts website (www.kexts.com) and do a search for Boot MBR (or something like that) and follow the instructions given. I did and it works flawlessly. I now have dual boot win7 and SL vanilla on my HP G70 laptop. [EDIT] Oh, I installed from 10.6.0 media and have just updated all available software updates without issue so I am now running 10.6.4. Sweeet! [EDIT 2] I forgot to mention, the only problem I am having is that I do not know how to install Chameleon to the disk so it becomes the active bootloader. So at the moment I am still booting from the Empire EFI CD. If anyone has a solution please let me know. Thanks.
  7. WORKS!!! on vanilla install of Snow Leopard, installed using Chameleon 4 RC2. On my HP G70-111EM with Zydas Wifi Max usb 2 wifi dongle. Installed the ZD1215Mac.kext using Kext Utility, copied the Wlan app to Utilities and rebooted with wifimax plugged in. Connected to my WPA2 wifi no problem at all. Thank you all who developed this kext.
  8. Hi, Thought I'd share this as I've not seen it in the forums anywhere else. I installed Snow Leopard from original DVD onto my Shuttle XPC Prima, only needed to install the IONetworkingFamily.kext to enable the onboard Marvell gigabit NIC as well as NVEnabler 64.kext for my NVidia gfx card. Other than that no hacks at all. Anyway I'd noticed that my Core 2 Duo CPU was detected as a Core 2 Solo, and I wasn't going to settle for that but I also didn't want to start hacking my clean build. Started changing CPU BIOS settings one-by-one until finally I found that setting 'Limit CPUID MaxVal' to disabled worked and my CPU is now detected by SL as Core 2 Duo. Hope this helps some peeps. TTFN
  9. bluntknife

    iDeneb 10.5.5 and ICH9M chipset problem.

    Sorry this was a long time ago and I don't have my notes any more. I have a different laptop now too...
  10. bluntknife

    Intel GMA X4500 issues

    Hi all, This is a shot in the dark but has anyone tried installing, with success, any of the available Intel kexts for the GMA range of GFX cards for a machine with the Intel GMA X4500? I've searched the forums and found a few people also struggling with this GFX card. I have a widescreen HP laptop but the screen looks rediculous in 1024x768. I need 1440x900. Secondly, can anyone point me directly to a 'how to' for installing kexts please? I'm a total noob when it comes to MACs. Thanks.
  11. bluntknife

    Ready to Install 10.5.5 - Any Advice

    There are many threads dedicated to sorting out the 'Still waiting for root device'. Have a search through the forums. Could be DVD drive sharing the same channel as HDD. Needs to be 2 separate channels. Or could be that your SATA controller isn't recognised by the installation. Or, it could be something completely different like the ISO you downloaded and burned to DVD is corrupt in some way. Good luck.
  12. bluntknife

    iDeneb 10.5.5 and ICH9M chipset problem.

    Okay I have fixed this on my laptop now but it was quite a journey. First off - My new HP laptop BIOS is very basic and doesn't allow you to alter the SATA, PATA, AHCI, IDE settings. This was the issue I had to work around as I was receiving the 'waiting for root device' message when trying to install from any of the Mac OS x86 versions available. What I did - 1. Plugged an external USB2 HDD into my desktop PC (this isn't the PC I was trying to install the Mac OS on in the first place) and inserted the iDeneb 10.5.5 install DVD. REMEMBER to unplug any other HDDs in your desktop so you don't accidentally wipe your good disks. 2. Boot the DVD and you should get to the installation screens of the OS installation wizard. (your PC must obviously be compatible with Mac OS X) 3. Before beginning the installation of the OS, open the Disk Utility tool and repartition to the number you require. I chose three. One 12GB partition formatted at MAC Journaled, One 16GB as MS-DOS and the remainder as free space. 4. Now continue the install as normal and select your Journaled partition on your USB HDD as your target installation disk. 5. Customise the install with the drivers you require. TIP: Select the drivers one at a time and read the authors comments before making any rash decisions and trying to install the drivers randomly. I did this and my system worked first time. Also take into consideration the drivers needed for both your desktop PC (where you are building your OS) and your laptop. 6. Next, next, Finish and let the installation go. Took about 20 minutes on my PC. 7. Now, because my laptop doesn't have firewire I had to take one additional step here. Step 8. If your laptop does support firewire you can go to step 9 already. 8. Leaving the external USB HDD plugged into my desktop machine I rebooted and booted the Mac OS X from the external HDD. I was presented with the welcome screen and then finished the post-installation tasks until I ended up on the MAC desktop. Job done, almost! 9. Now take your external HDD and plug it into your laptop making sure that you either configure your BIOS to boot from that device first OR just hit F8 (on an HP laptop - this will vary on other brands) to open the boot menu after the BIOS post check and select to boot from your external HDD. Complete the post-installation tasks. 10. You will now have a boot-from-USB-HDD Mac OS X system to play with. If you would prefer to boot from your laptop and not the external drive you could take a complete disk image (captures all partitions) of the external disk and then transfer that image to a partition of correct size on your laptop's internal HDD. I haven't done this and I'm not sure I will now. This is how I wanted to boot to the MAC OS X at first but now I had a working OS booting from my external drive I'll probably just leave it on there. It's very convenient. I hope this helps some people out there as I have received lots of help in the past and wanted to contribute something myself. Cheers.
  13. bluntknife

    GMA X4500

    ...another x4500 user waiting for a driver!
  14. bluntknife

    iDeneb 10.5.5 and ICH9M chipset problem.

    I'm having the same problem as Randomiser..! Did the above fix work for you Randomiser?