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  1. me too, I would like to find "config.plist from bootable usb since it already had the patch in it"
  2. Yes it's driving me nuts. Figure it out?
  3. aeondubs

    NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app

    best thing thats happened to me all day was finding this, thanks
  4. this happened to me as well until i disabled graphics enabler
  5. please help me. I've finally got it to get through the first stage of the install. (installing Clover to USB as UEFI and setting bios to UEFI) the non-UEFI/Legacy mode instructions in this guide doesnt boot me into clovers gui, i can only get some grey bootloader config screen that has no use. With injectATI selected (and inject EDID+disable display fix) I boot to a black screen, without ATI-inject I can get to the installer and install, but upon rebooting (after copying over the files to my install volume) My MACHD drive hangs after bluetooth before loading the video if I leave inject-ATI off (this only works getting into phase1 of the install) and when I turn it on I can only get the black screen again) I've attempted alternate boot configs w Clover, and tried using Chimera as well with a series of various blootflags like IGPEnabler=Yes/No etc.. still just hangs or black screen. Almost ready for a mall shooting. (not) Desperation mode has been enabled here, any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  6. aeondubs

    Help Please: Dell M90 Snow Leopard Install

    use EFI 10.6.3 Boot disk and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] afterwards. kexts needed: -NVEnabler -VoodooHDA boot with cpus=1 otherwise unresponsive gui (anyone know how to get around this pls post) thanks
  7. So I cant for the life of me get Quartz Extreme running using: NVkush, NVdarwin ... etc etc etc My Device ID (0x0221) seems to be supported in the kexts but no luck Anything I can try ? pleease help! thanks
  8. aeondubs

    HP G61 - Boot Problems

    any luck?
  9. ever figure it out ? just trying to get sl installed w display regardless of sleep working.. cheers
  10. aeondubs

    FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    Jess Fortress, thanks! After removing a mess of kexts and simply installing NVKush on my XxX 10.5.6 I have my video working fine w QE etc.. Only prob is my system prefs window and some other system windows and sliders the colors of the graphics are missing or a bit buggy. I've used the coregraphics 10.5.5 installer but that didnt change anything I can live w this, because it doesnt effect my software but would be nice to solve eventually if possible.. If this is the best I can get than I am still very happy! (spent 4 straight days and 4 late nights w a stack of distro's getting this machine up and finally did it! and there is some serious fulfillment here w/osx86!)
  11. Finally got an install on this asus board fast and snappy, and final cut 7 installed. When I take my project USB HD from the real mac (auto-mounts fine) and then plug it into my hackintosh mac, it wont mount no matter what. Repair and Verify/ First aid reports no probs, and DiskWarrior doesnt help. Still doesnt want to mount. I'd love to move this project from a borrowed imac on to my own faster one. pls, if u got suggestions, much appreciated!
  12. i got the same board and havin a b*tch installing. If u could tell me some of your config settings (if u remember) i'd be so grateful. good to hear you are up and running cheers