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    Oblivion 100% Playble

    sorry no not for xbox but i'm sure you can find a older intel oblivion port and just take the windows files and dump them in the one i repacked
  2. theweakend

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    This is the repack i did with the newest version of cider i have not got any replies if it works for them or not but it kills the collision bug for me.
  3. theweakend

    Oblivion on HDR

    Anyone interested in this topic might want to read this
  4. theweakend

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    Anyone interested in this topic might want to read this
  5. theweakend

    Oblivion cider 2583

    This is a howto and update to the new cider version I made the other day I think it runs faster and the sound problem works now (the impact volume is no longer absurdly loud, its just hit or miss whether it plays or not it plays). You do need the original oblivion disc and the installed oblivion files. INSTALLATION 1) Download the Oblivion app here 2) Extract it and put your "Bethesda Softworks" folder in "The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files" to do this you are going to have to control + click the "The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.app" and select "Show Package Contents" 3) Then dump the contents of you Oblivion cd into "The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/f_drive" (this is so you don't have to have a no cd crack.) Editing you oblivion.ini (Make sure you do this the game well run better) How to install addons How to get hdr working (if this is not hdr please let me know and i well see what i can do) If you have any suggestions to make this a better build leave a comment.
  6. theweakend

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    you may want to move on to this post as its more up to date and uses a newer version of cider I am currently working on getting oblivion to work on 2060 but that's a different story in its self