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    Chameleon 2.0 FINAL "release" Installer

    hey at all! a very noobish question... I would kindly ask you to give me a short hint how to update my chameleon 2 RC3 with this installer to RC4. I'm not very skillful with the bootloader topic :-/ Is it enough to install it on my SL partition and copy my /Extras/ folder with plists & kexts back to the drive? Or are they still there and ready to use? Sounds to easy to be true Big thanks in advance! Daniel
  2. danielsan2008

    MSI X-SLIM 340

    hey @all! anybody tested this "netbook-installer"? http://code.google.com/p/netbook-installer/ maybe it works with our X340... cheers
  3. danielsan2008

    MSI X-SLIM 340

    wow! big thanks @Jack-Black for the "Keyboard-Fix-Video" and all that really great informations. I'll try to fix my keyboard these days... hopefully it is not too complicated thanks again and I'm looking forward to get this snow kitty running on X340
  4. Finaly! Everything works great with my new 9500 GT (2x DVI)! Again: BIG thanks for that awesome out-of-the-box guide!
  5. I got an iTunes error too when connecting my iPhone to the FRONT usb port (like I did unter 10.5.X). Don't know if it was your error Using one of the back ports solved the problem for me... *phu
  6. danielsan2008

    Radeon HD 3870 with PC-EFI 10.5 -useatirom & ROM from Mac Card

    everything works but QE... i know but why? when we use the "simulated original rom" from a Mac gfx Card? What about a real Mac Pro with such a card? more generaly interested in that point.... (will order a 9500 GT on Amazon now ) cheers
  7. Hey GFX Pros I'm running Snow Leo Vanilla 10.6.2 with my HD 3870. I finaly got all TFT resolutions with the 10.6.2 update and (maybe) the -useatirom string from netkas (incl. ROM from a HD 3870 Mac Version). Unfortunately it seems that QE isn't fully supported because I can't see video in VLC Player (.mkv & .avi tested) just black screen. But I can see the screensavers and stuff My qestion is: How can I check if the -useatirom sting ist working correctly? Or how could it be that a (simulated) "original" Mac Card brings no QE in Snow Leo? What can I do? Big thanks in advance! Daniel
  8. Please HELP me! Its friday the 13th :censored2: When I boot from USB and choose it in Chameleon to start, I see the OSX Boot Screen an then (when it shoul enter the installerscreen) I see a totaly "crashed" screen. I can move the mouse but I can't see anything! I have an other HDD with a running 10.5.8 for maintenance. So I tried to install from USB through OSX from that HDD. But after a few minutes the installer wants to restart to continue the installation. And than stuck after BIOS screen. What can I do? I'm despired :censored2: EDIT: Got it... My ATI gfx is not supported under SL! Have to buy a new one tomorrow. Will a 9500GT 1024MB work out of the box? With two monitors? (one DVI one VGA)
  9. great! thank you very much! I'll post my result next week!
  10. hey mrjanek first: your guide sounds VERY simple, looking forward to test it on my new EP45-UD3LR this weekend! Would be awesome to set it up in these short steps without problems ! (bad experience in the past ) I have two short questions left: - It seem like everybody uses NVIDIA gfx - I have a Radeon HD 3870 (ATI) runing on Leo 10.5.8 will it work out of the box? - and a more generally question: can I "recover" my timemachine backup from the 10.5.8 System on a hackintosh Snow Leo? thanks in advance daniel
  11. danielsan2008


    hey HubertB thanks for your reply! You think that this is the wrong ID? ...hmmm linux is a option. but I have to install it first to do so ...so a "windows-way" would be easier or can you tell me where I have to search in Everest or Sandra? there are SO MUCH information...
  12. danielsan2008


    hey BlackCH, I found my dev ID with the "Device Manager Method" under "Control Panel" - System - Device Manager - HDD Controler - Properties - Details - Device instance ID ...is it the correct one? And if "yes" is there another reason why the Installer couldn't find my HDD? I thought about a broken controler or HDD... but everything runs smooth on win XP.... *helpless*
  13. danielsan2008


    Hey BlackCH, I finally got my dev ID it is 0x0266 http://www.pcidatabase.com/search.php?devi...e_search=Search is it the right one now? will it work with the new distribution? or can you help me otherwise? Thanks again!
  14. danielsan2008


    hey BlackCH! I'll try your next Rev as soon as possible. Do you think that it will fix my nforce install issues? thanks in advance
  15. danielsan2008


    I finally got my dev ID it is 0x0266 http://www.pcidatabase.com/search.php?devi...e_search=Search is it the right one now?