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  1. u have the same cd that i have... damn.. nobody gonna help me also...
  2. MSI PT880 Neo?

    Hi, Can anyone help me...? i have 2 cd right now with me, one is iPC OSX86 10.5.6 and Kalyway 10.5.2.. which one should anyone recommended with installation for my system..? my spec below.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard : MSI PT880 Neo Socket(478) and i use IDE cable for hardisk & DVD rom.. Processor : 2.53Ghz 533MHz FSB Celeron D Processor 325 Graphic Card : ATI Radeon PowerColor 9550 AGP Hardisk : Quantum Fireball 20gb IDE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have try many times for installation but nothing works for me... Thanks! I almost forgot to write down my amount of ram.. I have 2gb of ram.. i hope someone can help me... thanks again.. I tried install using IPC OSX86 10.5.6 everything went smoothly but after install it stuck at a grey screen with apple logo at the center... what it could be a problem? Need an advice.. Thanks..
  3. Same graphic card but also cant work.. *sigh*
  4. Noone gonna help me..? Come on guys..
  5. Hi, I have installed ipcOSx86 10.5.6 in my laptop Compaq Presario C700 (C795TU). everything is good but the only thing is now my wireless.. its not functioning Its been 5 days i tried to tweak with .kext file but still doesn't work.. I really need help if anyone could solve this matter Thank you in advance.. My wireless card is Atheros AR5006X (AR5BXB63)
  6. Internet & Sound not working..

    hi MGJulius, Thanks for the reply.. my pc spec : CPU type : Intel Celeron D, 2.53GHz Mobo : MSI PT880 Neo, Audio : Vinyl AC'97 Network adapter : VIA Networking Velocity Family Giga-Bit Ethernet Adapter I think thats all.. Thanks again..
  7. hi... Im kinda new here and I have just installed kalway mac osx(leopard) and the only thing that can't work for me is internet & audio.. Im using built-in ethernet and also built-in audio devices.. Sorry for the not properly written english.. Thanks..