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  1. Hey guys, I just received my new wi-fi card. Installed it without problems and... IT'S WORKING PERFECT!!! I'm so happy to get rid of that stupid USB wi-fi adapter. Thanks Mammoth, NiXin, TapTun and whoever involved in this ^^ Hey Sammity, Thanks for the clarification. I bet it's working great but I already applied NiXin's patch and it's working great!
  2. Hey Sammity, First of all thanks for posting this. But can you please clarify what's the difference between your bios and NiXin's bios?
  3. Great! I didn't realise that this was the same card that you are using. I already modded my bios as NiXin suggested so I don't think it would be a problem. I'm still waiting for my card as it's been shipped this morning Did I told you that I'm an impatient person? Anyways, thanks for your great support! Once again, I'm eager to test your new installation procedure
  4. Hey Mammoth, Thanks for your great suggestion, I searched for that card a lot but I could not find any. So basically I'm kinda impatient person I just ordered THIS ONE which seemed ok for me. I'll possibly get it by tomorrow and I'll let you know about the results
  5. I can't find any words to define how a great man you are! This looks great, simple but detailed, easy to understand. Thank you Mammoth, for all your hard work! I couldn't find the card you mentioned in ebay or amazon (UK versions). Anyway, I'm going to give this one a try. Thanks!
  6. Hey Mammoth, I was reading your antenna modification document and I realised that it's kinda complicated and dangerous. So I started to search the topic about alternative solutions. And finally I found NiXiN's bios patch which seemed easier. Anyway, I flashed my bios with the NiXiN's one and everything went well. Now I'm searching for a half-size and MacOS compatible card. I did some research on ebay and amazon. Finally I found something worthwhile here: Dell Wireless DW1510 802.11n. I'm just asking you to confirm if this card is going to work with our systems or not (please consider that I've flashed my bios and it will work with any MacOS compatible card -- that what NiXiN says ). You are doing great job. I can't wait for the new version of Mammoth Installation CD ^^ Keep up the great work mate!
  7. Hey Mammoth, Here is my dsdt.dsl file. Hope this helps at some point. dsdt.zip
  8. Thank you so much for this! You are a lifesaver!
  9. Hey guys, Glad to hear 1.20 is on the way! Great job! And thank you for all your efforts Mammoth and whoever contributed to this project. I wish I could do anything for you but my knowledge is limited I have a small issue. I'm using the system which is told in 1.15 and works great. But sometimes when I plug out the power cable it says "you need to restart your computer". Sometimes it does not happen when I plug out but when I plug it in back. Is there any solution for that? Also I patched my DSDT before to make sleep work. Now I saw that we have a brand new DSDT but it needs the original untouched DSDT. Is there any chance to find it?
  10. Thank you for your quick answer Mammoth. I was looking at your antenna modification guid. I removed the HDD cover to see if there is an empty mini-PCI-E slot and saw that there is one but NOT full-sized (I guess, it looked too small to me ). That slot is, somehow, between 2 harddisks instead of under the primary HDD. It's available but there is no antenna cable near it. While reading your guide, I realized that I don't want to go that far to remove the case completely. Well, not for now, maybe when my dv8's warranty is over Now I'm searching for a USB solution. I found Airlink 101 AWLL5088 which is small and compatible with both Mac & Win. I just wonder if it's going to work with my system without problems or not. The other thing that made me to use a USB solution was the touch panel controls. My wireless connection drops time to time, and I see that the wireless indicator went red. This happens for both MAC and Win. So I thought that it would be a real problem even if I connect an internal wireless card. I did some search and saw that a lot of people complaining about this problem. BUT there is no solid solution. So I decided to use a USB adapter. Please let me know your (not only Mammoth, everyone) thoughts about this.
  11. Hello again guys, You are making a real progress I see Keep up the great work! I'm planning to replace my current Wi-Fi card (Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 a/g/n, 8086:4239) with an Atheros AR9285 which is mentioned HERE. I'm planning to bu THIS ONE. I'm just wondering if this card is in my DV8 1110ea's whitelist or not. Because I want to keep modifications at minimum. Also I wonder if there is a better card which is in DV8's whitelist and works out of the box with 10.6.5. Those cards cost around 5-10 pounds which is quite affordable for anyone. So this seems the best solution so far. Maybe we should wait for someone who could write a driver for our Wi-Fi card, what do you think
  12. Hey Mammoth, I have DV8 1110ea (VY144EA ABU). Should I have a remote controller? Atm I don't have one. If I should, then I need to go to the place that I bought my laptop and start some fight
  13. OMG this is awesome!! It's working now Thank you so much swavek!!! The only thing left is the Wi-Fi
  14. Hi swavek, I just tried that solution but somehow it seems my DSDT.aml file does not update. Here's what I do: I downloaded DSDT patcher 1.0.1e and edited dsdt_fixed.txt in Debug folder After that I save the changes and close the file. I execute DSDT Patcher executable and select 0 - Darwin I copy over the new dsdt.aml file to /C/E and restart. But nothing changes. Besides, when I open dsdt_fixed.txt again, my changes were gone! Am I doing something wrong? Hi "The X", I replaced the smbios.plist file's content with yours (in /C/E folder) and saved it and restart. Nothing's changed Probably I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
  15. Hey Mammoth, Yes it's working and it's better than clicking around to make my pc sleep Actually I don't have any issues to make my pc sleep. The only thing is, it's not go to sleep when I close the lid. Also there is one thing that I should mention about: DV8 users should have 2 HDDs with their pc. In your tutorial we only use one of them. I had to remove one of the HDDs to make your tutorial work, because I had a lot of issues with 2. After following your tutorial, I attache my second HDD without a problem. Besides, I partitioned that disk as 2 partitions and I'm using one of the partitions as Time Machine disk, which is working flawlessly. I'm saying these, because it might inspire someone who didn't think to use the Time Machine.