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  1. Hi BugsB! Thanks for reply... I had a rather hard time with my Toshi... During 2 weekends I tried practically everything. No success. It seems that my problem lays deeper than DSDT. I suppose that there are some memory problems. The fact remains the same - Azalia works on my laptop ONLY when 512+512 Mb are installed... When I install 2Gb+2Gb it doesn't work at all. And in the last case... I tried nicheljd's DSDT in various combinations and came to conclusion that the problem is not in the kexts... I deleted all audio related kexts from the system... Deleted VoodooPS... Deleted EFI string... Deleted LegacyAppleRTC... Deleted practically all non-apple kexts. Result is the same - hardware falls down at boot... No KP, no errors - simply falls down. Then I compared nicheljd's DSDT with my own that works at the moment line by line in DSDTSE (it, fortunately, helps with this ). I've found practically all modified parts. Then I replaced HDEF & USB parts in my working DSDT with that from nicheljd's. The result of compiling was the same - good as with original nicheljd's DSDT. Then deleted all audio related kexts... Result is the same - hardware falls down at boot. Maybe there is some problem with memory ranges that some devices work with? I tried to boot with Ubuntu LiveCD 10. Sound works out of box, the same way as in WinXP. I suppose that it's time to change the hardware... With great respect, jazzminos.
  2. Hi! The situation is rather strange. I got my Toshi boot with this DSDT after deleting HDAenabler (from Extra & S/L/E). But got no graphics. I restored System from image... Then I deleted HDAenabler one more time and deleted EFI string from com.apple.boot.plist. But after that I experienced the same fall down of laptop. I wonder what can cause this? This fall down occurs after USB is loaded (or not loaded)... VoodooPS2 hangs and I get several errors. I tested - VoodooPS2 is not responsible for this... Laptop falls down even without this kext in S/L/E. I suppose that this happens because of some kext is loaded too late after Extensions.mkext is rebuilt... I suspect IOPCIfamily.kext to be that problem. 1. Do You use IOPCIFamily.kext? What version do You use? Maybe it is not needed? 2. nicheljd, how did You configure GMA950 graphics card? Do You use anything non-Apple? Or did You modified DSDT to support GMA950 natively - without EFI string, patched kexts or something else? I ask once again to share at least the list of Your extensions in S/L/E and Extra folders... And a contents of com.apple.boot.plist file. With great respect, jazzminos.
  3. Hi, friends! As I see there is a great progress in our old problem. I tried this solution. But I met another great problem - when I put dsdt.aml compiled from nicheljd's .dsl file I get my Toshi shutdown during boot Not simple KP. It drops down. And my HDD's head drops down... I can't even watch the log. All I can say that this happens when VoodooPS2 is loaded or right after this. It is very strange because nicheljd's Toshi configuration is as close to mine as possible... We have practically the same hardware. DSL file is compiled successfully - 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 46 Optimizations. I just don't know what to do. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Maybe it will be useful to get the HDEF part from nicheljd's dsl and put to mine? I looked - they are completely different. Or should I do the same way to make my own dsl again? _______________________________________________________________________________________ I have 4.8 original BIOS version. The only modification I did - I added a Toshiba SLIC 2.1 part to the BIOS to get Windows 7 activated offline. Maybe there are some kexts in the system that prevent the normal boot. nicheljd, can You share Your S/L Extensions folder, Your Extra folder and com.apple.boot.plist file? So I can check and find the differences. Did You patched DSDT to make GMA950 work? I can share my .dsl file that I made using DSDTeditor in Windows XP. With great respect, jazzminos.
  4. I didn't test USB kext yet... I was very busy. I'll test it today or tomorrow. I need a LAN kext... And also sound... Greatest problem of all. Did You enable speakers output? I'll try latest VoodooHDA... As I understood, it may need some tweaking - vendor\device ids and so on... I also plan to test Voodoo Wireless for 3945. I'm from Russia... I work also in Russia, but very far from my home town. I work in packaging printing. With great respect, Dmitry.
  5. Hi Bugs! I'm sorry for keeping You waiting... I went home (about 1600 kilometers from the place where I work)... I used this package: http://rapidshare.com/files/432376779/Vood...8-installer.pkg I got it on the official project forum http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php#c7 But You should use installer options and choose to install VoodooPS2 trackpad!!! As I remember it is disabled in the installer by default. And You should delete ALL PS2 related kexts. You see... In latest iAtkos all kexts were deleted in system folder... But I really don't know why they put ACPIPS2Nub in Extra folder... I experienced troubles with this until I guessed where the original kext may be located. I don't have laptop at the moment, but as I remember ALL necessary prefpanes appear in System Preferences... And I DIDN'T use anything else except VoodooPS2!!! Absolutely nothing! With great respect, Dmitry. p.s. Can You share working kext for USB2.0 and for Network (Intel Pro100 VE) for Snow Leo? Of course, with necessary comments.
  6. Hi friends! I'm going to try new version of iAtkos on my old Toshi. And I see that VoodooHDA project has some new results. Did anyone try latest VoodooHDA 272 with our Conexant chip? With great respect, jazzminos. p.s. maybe the time has come to change the laptop... I'd like to buy HP ProBook 4720s. There is little information on this series on this forum... I'm worrying about ATI video.
  7. Hi everyone! I tried to install SL... First I tried SL Upgrade DVD. It starts install but stops and says that install will continue after reboot. But it doesn't continue. Then I tried Hazard distro. I've install upon my existing 10.5.8 install. And now I got kernel panic at boot start. What should I do with this? With great respect, jazzminos.
  8. Hi everyone! Is there a good working solution based on SL? Write a short howto, please.
  9. Hi, mentorek! Have You tried to use DSDT Simple Editor? Maybe it can be useful? http://rapidshare.com/files/296378813/DSDTSE_V1.2.4.zip.html
  10. +1 I'm waiting for a good SL release... Uphuck iKAROS, for example... I've read about it on their forum... And it seems that not everything is ready for 10.6 on x86 platform. With great respect, jazzminos.