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  1. same problem ! anyone help ?
  2. My boot loader is gone? Chameleon

    same your problem !
  3. Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    can't Turn on it , plz who port Kext to Snow Leopard ... Thanks !
  4. Atheros Ar5700 For Snow Leopard 10.6.3 ?

    anyone who help us ?
  5. i search all in forum but kext air port Atheros Ar5700 not support for snow leopard can't turn on it ! anyone who can fix that ? thanks all
  6. I Have Mainboard : Asus Maximus Formula Video Card : 8800 GTS 320 MB Soundcard : Marvel Yukon Now i dont know how to install it and How to chose driver for it ? who can help me ? plz . We are public OSx86 in PC , i really want have it in my PC . Thank you so much for All !
  7. Numbers Core Wrong ?

    who ? can help me ? PLz
  8. i use iDeneb V 1.3 10.5.5 but i dont know why Total Numbers cores : 1 Main: Asus Maximus Formular Chip : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - L2 : 4 MB Ram : 4GB bus 800 Hope Anyone Help Me !
  9. Need Driver nVidia 8800 GTS

    it, too Quartz Etreme and Status not support , who can help me ? plz
  10. Need Driver nVidia 8800 GTS

    yea i have try to nVidia 1.2.3 Of NVdarwin but it , too
  11. Need Driver nVidia 8800 GTS

    u have msn or yahoo messenger i want talk with u for fast ! thx
  12. Need Driver nVidia 8800 GTS

    i can give me to try it ?
  13. Need Driver nVidia 8800 GTS

    ago i use kaliway 10.5.2 so vide0 crad ok but to ideNeb v 1.3 10.5.5 so i can't find see driver for it My VGA nVidia 8800 GTS , i have to try http://scottdangel.com/blog/?page_id=20 but QUatz Extreme : not support and Status : not connected , if anyone full driver video card from kaliway can give me , i really very need it , thanks u so much !
  14. i can;t chose and enter it if everybody help me so thx u so much