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  1. works perfectly on my P4 hackintosh
  2. Use it all the time now, and thats on a thinkcentre too although a venerable Lenovo M 42 2,53 gHz , it ha revitalized the old machine, the only thing it cant do is play DVD's over the wireless network, else it wors beautiful, have formated my windoze HD.
  3. I have in the last two weeks spent countless hours installing Jas 10.4.8 sse2 sse3 on two pc at home. the net work in our house consists of 2 IBM A30 PIII, 2 IBM Netvista P 4, one IBM Thinkcenter P4, and one Macbook pro Coreduo2 2,16 . It is all connected together via a Linksys WRTG 54 and a Airport express, where the linksys functions as the Gateway to a 24 Mbit connection. The two Netvistas are on Wired LAN and the rest is on wireles LAN all with Linksys PCI and PMCIA ' cept the Macbook of course. So I set out on the task of getting OSX on the Netvistas and the Thinkcentre because I had read that it was possible and because it was not necesary for me any further to have Windoze installed because of changed job, and being a Mac user initially I wanted to come home . I started of by getting an Image hrm, hrm from somewhere and happily burnt a dvd on my Macbook with disk utility in order to use it as boot on the 'vistas and the Thinkcentre, .... DONT do that from experience I can tell you that it will not work, it simply does not do the job rigth. Many hours later I simply chose to burn a new DVD on one of the PC's, because my wife was using the Mac and voila the installer started when inserted in the PC. So now i was able to install. Unfortunately something went wrong on one machine and I had to format the HD so I used diskutil and as a true NOOB I formatted the whole drive and notonly the volume, installed the OS can couldnot understand why the BLO... S... did not boot. Many hours later I found out that what MBR stands for and that if you erase it you are going to have a hard time trying to boot. Well suddenly I had three machines running OSX and was on top of the world, a mate asks me if I could help him with his installation of OSX on a hackintosh, of course I could , made a copy with diskutility and of he went . Many hours later I realized that it doesnot work that way an you have to do an install. Oh well.. So now I have got three machines working I thougth that it would be really nice if could network them also, so I had a look at the AppleIntel 8255.kext , followed the guide (Intel 100 pro) rigourously and surprise they were all on with wires. Oh boy, Oh boy Now I just needed to ad my linksysWMP 54GV2 to the Thinkcenter and i would be finished.. I did the Broadcom thing and it was on instantly, Internet thundering along.. but as soon as I tried to acces a file on the LAN the connection would start ok , but a little later the signal strenght would dwindle to noting and the connection terminate... ... Many , MANY hours later i discover that WEP is {censored}. Everything is now set up with WPA personal and it works flawlesly , not fast but it works. The machines now running OSX are 2 IBM/Lenovo 6792-22g with TI 4200 AGP and a IBM/Lenovo m 8307-7ag with a N'vidia 6200 AGP and a Linksys WMP54G v2. I hope this was of any help, and if there is another nOOb (like myself) outhere that needs an elaboration just PM. Finally many, many thanks to the skilled, helpfull and very patient people on "Mother Of All Hackintosh Sites"
  4. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Now i have folowed these instructions and i do have a network up and running with a Linksys wmp54G , the problem is that the connection is not stable at all, it often disconnects and it is impossible to download a file, or on the Lan to move a file from one computer to another. The machine is a stock ibm m42 that runs OSX flawlesly. When it runs XP from another disk there is no problems with the connection. It is running 10.4.8 JaS SSE2 SSE3
  5. I have just installed JaS 10.4.8 sse2 sse3 AMDIntel on a rather stock IBM Thinkcentre M42 and everything went very smooth. I had to do the Intel 100/pro hack and then Ethernet began working, then did the Broadcom hack in order to get my Linksys WMP54G working, and that seemed succesful too, network shows and connection is there and I can see the local network and Internet, BUT I cant download or move/copy a file from the machine, neither from the internet nor from another computer on the LAN. When atemtting everything stalls when approx 10 % of the file is done. When putting a file , via wireless, , connecting computer to computer everything works perfectly. I simply havent got a clue
  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32436196@N00/...in/photostream/ interesting, very interesting