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  1. Hey, im totaly new to osx i tried osx leopard on my intel pc, and i like it that much i went and bought a 24" imac, but i have a problem, it is running osx 10.5.4 leopard, and now for some reason the preview app has stopped working when i try and run it, it bounce's on the dock twice and does not do anything, how do i go about getting this to work? is it a common problem or is it down to user error? Thanks In Advance PSP767
  2. any way this can be incorprated to the ToH 10.5 RC2 DVD if so how?
  3. Hi i have tried to install 10.4.10 on my machine and the install completes in about 4 minutes i have had itworking in the past here is my machin spec. E6700 Core 2 Duo Gigabyte P965 DQ6 2GB OCZ PC2-6400 MAXTOR 320GB SATA HD SONY SATA DVDRW 8800GTX GFX Any Suggestions
  4. PSP767

    BT Voyager 1055

    Any one know if there is any drivers what will work on osx tiger 10.4.5 for my Bt Voyager 1055 Wireless Adapter?
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    Hey i get the same error if you find a way around this can u pm me please will be much appreciated
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    Quick question

    Does any of the OSX dvd images support An AMD ATHLON 2600+ If so which. Im new to all this stuff so i dnt kno wats wat. Thanks In Advance
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    Help Error Installing

    Hey im trying to install Mac OSX x86 10.4.3 build 8f1111 patched with Wesley's patch but i get this rror can any of you guys help? Thanks In Advance