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  1. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    Damn, also working on it (just gathered al the info i think i need); was about to start tonight. Also using the GA-X79-UD5? Is it correct that I found references in the linux driver, that it is using the same patch/layout as ALC882? ;-) Anyways, If I can help/test... be glad to... It would be very unproductive to both 'work' on the same. I still have a lot to do on the DSDT side (F9 BIOS). Made a 1st working version; but it is a complete mess, and want to clean it up entirely. Also ACPUPM to be done... so, if I don't have to bother on the audio, that would be great! Cheers!
  2. Good news afoot in 10.8 Mountain Lion for Fermi cards

    Damn good news! Only pitty I just bought a Quadro4000. Very curious if there are any SandyBridge-E references, would be nice!
  3. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Tried your mkext in extra-folder... get better results w/ P35-DS3R iso mkext; with yours audio isn't working and internal drive shows as external (without usb logo) thanks anyway
  4. Tried that (but offcourse this has nothing to do with kexts) because he doesn't seem to pass to stage1 boot... following happens: boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done than blinking cursor thanks anyway for trying to help
  5. Hi Munky, I followed your excellent guide to the letter, managed to install Leo Retail, ...but having trouble getting the bootloader on the EFI partition to work. I have a GA-EP45C-DS3R, Q9550, 4GB, AHCI configured... When booting from the EFI partition, it stops (cursor) after Boot0: done.... nothing elsee happens... Booting with the boot132cd works... partitions is active, no errors when running update-script (only dependenciees, but that's allright) What could possibly be wrong? Allready tried to reformat the EFI partition, and doing the step-by-step again, even with the disk connected on my MBP (so it's not in use while doing the edits): same thing Also tried the 'copy' of the stage 1 bootloader with the bs=512 count=1 parameters... not working... Could somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance, David P.S.: I used the v5.1 package
  6. Boot0 MBR Boot0 Done Error?

    Perhaps it's usefull to some users to post what fixed the problem... Did you use UUID instead of the diskXsY method? Happy for you that you've got your system up and running... I'm fighting with the EFI partition method and total vanilla install... (also stuck with the bootloader on the EFI partition, and therefore I came on this thread.
  7. I don't know if this helps... but there is a firmware-update for that keyboard http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/alu...reupdate10.html greetz