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  1. Mac OS X 10.6.7 on Asus P5B QL Pro

    What kext did you use for your eternet?
  2. Got a great deal on a AMD x6 1055t, anyone have any experiences with the amd x6 1055t on snow leopard? can you recommend a motherboard under $150 that will work with SL? Thanks:)
  3. 8800gs 384MB G92

    Have a XFX 8800GS 512MB here, tried doing GraphicEnabler=yes but it's not working? Anyone else have success installation with this card? Thank you very much for helping
  4. Hi. i installed Universal Snow Loepard V3.6 10.6.2 on my desktop, however when i got to desktop i dont have any drivers. no lan, no sound, no usb, also no video. Just wondering if anyone also have this board and have found the drivers. Here is my spec : Asus P5b Deluxe E6420 Sapphire 7900 GS 256MB TIA
  5. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    just updated from the Software Update, everything went well and i didn't have to make any changes. my setup iatkos 10.5.7 asus p5b deluxe e6420
  6. Safari 4 on 10.5.6?

    how did you edit the SystemVersion.plist , it wont let me save after i make changes to it.
  7. I would like to update to 10.5.7 from iPC 10.5.6. an i am just checking is anyone with this motherboard updated their 10.5.6 successfully? if you did, did you use the software update or downloaded the combo updater from Apple.com my spec: Asus P5B Deluxe Ati 4850 everything else is onboard
  8. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    has anyone have success installing this update on your iPC ?
  9. Slow boot times

    What did you do to decrease boot time in on 10.5.6 ?
  10. ATI vs Nvidia w/Project osx86

    drivers are available for 4850/4870, check it out in the graphic card driver section.
  11. i used the vanilla kernel(didn't choose anything) plus just the driver for my ethernet. and i used the driver installer package for my Asus p5b, which i downloaded from here
  12. same thing for me on ideneb, i switched over to iPC and now everything works(all drivers/games) could give that a try
  13. iPC OSx86 10.5.6: Will not load OS

    you probably chose the wrong drivers, try installing it without drivers and see if it will work
  14. Thanks so much!!! worked great
  15. Here is the list of my hardware Asus P5B-Deluxe Intel E6420 Corsair 4GB DDR2 Visiontek Radeon 4850 512MB 320GB Sata HD (Main drive) - 1 500GB IDE HD - 1 Samsung DVD Drive Sata - 1 i set my sata configuartion mode to Enhanced mod and configure Sata as : AHCI i boot up the ipc dvd, when i can only go as far as the white screen with apple log on the center, and just the loading wheel. what can i do to fix this?